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    Joe - 12/15/03       Laura 12/15/03  

Okay, the latest page makes me a bit nervous. The scene has actually been on my mind for some time, and it didn't seem like the right time to present it until now. As far as I know, using the sequential medium to represent music isn't really done that often (and I would assume that it's not really done often because it's not really optimal in most cases). Well, either way, it's done. I want to thank Laura for putting up with a writer crazy enough to write music into the script of a comic, and for putting up with me being a little picky about how it was presented (expecially when she hasn't been feeling well too). For those of you who are musically inclined, you can find a crude representation of the score here. For those of you who aren't so musically inclined, you can find a MIDI of it here. I would like to get a higher quality file made, but I really don't have the time or facilities at the moment.

Issue 3 is coming to a close. As with the previous issue endings, we're planning for some sort of omake. Because of that, and because the issue ends during the holiday season (2 more pages left to go after this page), the update schedule is pretty up in the air. Things will probably be a little erratic until the first full week in January.


To get the flu shot or not get the flu shot. That was the question I faced earlier this season. I opted not to because when my dad got it last year, he said it made him feel terrible, and when it was made available to me, I had already given blood that day and wasn't really feeling like getting jabbed with another needle. Of course, wouldn't you know, now I have the flu. :( Oh well. I sensed I was due to get sick. Without fail, I tend to fall ill just once a year, usually in the late fall or winter, and almost always near a holiday. The timing really sucks this year, because this really puts me behind on my Christmas shopping, leaving me just about a week and a half to get it done.

Fortunately I seem to be pretty resilient when it comes to the flu. I had it last year for just 24 hours and was good as new the next day. Even with this bout, I've had colds that were worse. Still I'm in bad shape. I'm making all sorts of unappealing coughing sounds and I've been in bed for most of the weekend. I was hoping to stave it off with mental power or possibly the Force, but I don't seem to be having much luck and now I'm at the slighty loopy stage, where if I watch too much TV, it starts to confuse me. I think I'm about to start getting better though. Hopefully I'll be well enough to enjoy my Christmas vacation next week and get in a couple viewings of Return of the King.

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