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    Joe - 12/8/03       Laura 12/8/03  
  Bye-Bye, free time...

First of all, I want to wish a Aleph of Malahkim a big "get well soon" since she's still not quite feeling 100% (and since I think more people should check out the comic).

Before I move on to the reason my free time is going away, I wanted to think out loud a bit about the different things I've considered doing with my NaNo novel. I'll finish it at some point and rewrite it. Right now, it's still too soon for me to go back to it with an objective eye. The real question is about what to do with it afterwards. I guess the really optimistic thing to try and do would be to send it out to some publishers, but I'm not really sure I want to do that. A part of me wants to just put it up on the web and let people read it. Well, whatever. It's not like there's that many people interested anyway.

Now on to the time sink. For those of you that didn't catch the status message, I've started playing Final Fantasy 11... yeah.. the online one. I was actually able to resist playing it during NaNo, but I just can't resist a Final Fantasy game for long. If people are interested in hunting me down in the FF world, I'm on the Midgarsormr server playing a TaruTaru under the handle "Bonsaihinoki". I only started playing on Saturday (while I was getting burried in snow), so I'm pretty low level and am pretty restricted to the Windurst area. Feel free to find me if you want to... and if anyone wants to give me stuff (I'd love one of those high end fishing rods ^_^ ), or gil...

Overall, there are aspects of the game that I especially like. I've never played any other MMORPGs (well, I remember alpha testing Ultima Online way back when, but I really couldn't get very far in it because it was so buggy), so I really can't give a good comparison, but the scale of things is incredible. That, and it seems pretty friendly to new players, even when there are lots of high level people running around. When I first heard about Final Fantasy going online, I was really skeptical, but after playing it, I think they did an amazing job on it. It really does fit the Final Fantasy game spirit IMO.


Only two weeks to Christmas shop. :( December always seems too short. At least it does now that I'm older. This month's always hectic, and I already have a ton of stuff to do. So sorry about the on and off lateness of the comic. I'm trying to keep up. I'm hardly organized to begin with, but this month is really crushing. I've been trying to clean up my bedroom for a good month now. It's one of those deep cleanings where I have to sort out like ten years worth of stuff. About 60 percent of my belongings were piled in my living room, which wasn't a good thing because the tree had to go up. So now they're in the dining room. I was even sleeping on the couch for a couple days because of all the stuff piled on my bed. I just have too much stuff. I really need my own place, but that isn't going to happen for a while. And after I clean up my room, I have to clean up my mini-studio which is like ten years worth of art supplies...and I'm pretty sure there's earwigs nesting down in my artbins. Eww. But if I can get that done, it'll be a huge load off my mind and my shoulders, and I can start doing traditional art again. Grahh....I can at least look at it as two weeks left until my Christmas holiday. :)

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