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    Joe - 12/22/03       Laura 12/15/03  

God rest ye, merry gentlemen

We just broke the 200k visitors mark, just in time for Christmas. Thank's for the awesome present, everyone!

Well, the response to the music was amazingly positive (amazing in that we got any at all, and even more amazing in that what we did get was all positive). I just think it's cool that people appreciate the effort that is put into it.

So, at the end of a year, it's natural to look back at how things turned out during the past 12 months. I think things went extremely well, considering that this comic relies primarily on other people spreading the word for us. Getting readers because other people are saying they like our work is much more rewarding than getting readers from shameless plugging, aggressive advertising and guerrilla promotional tactics. Overall, it's pretty amazing IMHO that we have so many readers (yes, all 10 or so of you :P ). But seriously, whether we have ten or ten thousand readers, what really matters is that people are enjoying the work.

Until next time, enjoy the holidays... "be excellent to eachother, and party on dudes!"


To get the flu shot or not get the flu shot. That was the question I faced earlier this season. I opted not to because when my dad got it last year, he said it made him feel terrible, and when it was made available to me, I had already given blood that day and wasn't really feeling like getting jabbed with another needle. Of course, wouldn't you know, now I have the flu. :( Oh well. I sensed I was due to get sick. Without fail, I tend to fall ill just once a year, usually in the late fall or winter, and almost always near a holiday. The timing really sucks this year, because this really puts me behind on my Christmas shopping, leaving me just about a week and a half to get it done.

Fortunately I seem to be pretty resilient when it comes to the flu. I had it last year for just 24 hours and was good as new the next day. Even with this bout, I've had colds that were worse. Still I'm in bad shape. I'm making all sorts of unappealing coughing sounds and I've been in bed for most of the weekend. I was hoping to stave it off with mental power or possibly the Force, but I don't seem to be having much luck and now I'm at the slighty loopy stage, where if I watch too much TV, it starts to confuse me. I think I'm about to start getting better though. Hopefully I'll be well enough to enjoy my Christmas vacation next week and get in a couple viewings of Return of the King.

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