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    Joe - 12/1/03       Laura 11/10/03  


Wow, It's Thanksgiving already. I guess it's my favorite holiday because there's little to no commercialism associated with it. There's no real stress (at least not for me) and it's really all about meeting up with people I haven't seen in a while. Of course, now all the Christmas craziness starts.

So, in giving thanks... well, first of all a big thank you to Demonology 101 for the link.

Next, I'm thankful for EF making it this far. The feeling of seeing the finished product is indescribable. It's great that people out there are reading and enjoying it, but (and not to belittle anyone out there reading this) the real thrill is the fun of creating the work and seeing the final product. For someone who has never experienced seeing something that they created from scratch come into being, they probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Well, for people who can relate, it's sorta like a drug addiction... carrying both the good and bad apects of the analogy. The high is indescribable, but when you come down, sometimes you come down hard... real hard. It's also gotten to the point where it takes more and more for me to get the high. Well, maybe I exagerate.

To add to things, I've found another "drug" to deal with. While I was back in NJ, I found that a Krispy Kreme had opened up near my parents' house. I finally had my first hot glazed doughnut from off the production line. I guess it's not entirely bad that I don't have easy access to one where I live.


Witness my perfection!

Ok, this web page isn't really perfection. But at least it's up and mostly done. You'll have to pardon us if there's a link or two that doesn't work, but for the most part it should be functional. Most noticeably missing are the character bios. They should be up soon. I got rid of a lot of the empty pages that didn't have anything in them, and hopefully the site is a lot more streamlined and easy to navigate. Also I threw in a gallery :). Hopefully, I'll have the final bits and pieces that are left done by the next update, but I hope you guys like the new site. (See...I wasn't missing for three months for nothing)

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