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This week's EF filler will be a 4 part presentation on the background of the world of Alchera. When I say "world" I mean just that; You're going to see how the land, sea and sky of Alchera came into being (and if you're astute, you may even pick up some subtle plot points too). Please keep in mind that all this info is from random notes, and some things either have changed or will change.

Ok, getting down to the basics of it, Alchera is your typical Earth-like planet. Roughly the same size and mass sitting roughly the same distance away from a roughly similar star. Alchera has 1 moon that is roughly the same size and mass as the Earth's moon, however the big difference is that it has water on it, and a thin atmosphere (due to the lower gravity, but prominent magnetic field).

Anyway, below is a scan of my working map of Alchera. It's not full sized (since the actual image is 11"x14" and didn't fit entirely on my scanner), but all the land features are there. In the following pages, I'll show how that map came into being.

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Arg! The virus spam has been getting really out of hand. I think I've at least read every e-mail we've got. I really want to write back to everyone individually. However, I have been pretty swamped with stuff lately and I haven't really been in much of a mood to write e-mails. I'm sorry. The feedback is always appreciated though.

As you can see, this weeks filler will be some bacground on how the world of Alchera came into being. I hope you guys enjoy it. Four parts are planned, and they should go up daily. Then, there will be another informational update on Sunday, then the Sunday/Monday after that we'll start off Issue 4. Thanks for being patient with us.


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