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    Joe - 1/26/04       Laura -  

A Life Less Ordinary

This week's pin-up comes from Will Jayroe (AKA cyb3rllama) of Particle Sphere. I really like his choice of quotes in the pin-up; they resonate with some interesting themes in the story. If you want to see more of the unique artistic style, go check out Particle Sphere.

I've been asking myself, "is it wrong to have dreams that require miracles to attain?" Being an engineer by education and profession, I end up using logic and systematic analysis as tools on a daily basis. In a number of ways, I have become pretty comfortable with seeing the world through an engineer's eyes. On a seemingly unrelated note, I have never been a believer in fate. The thought that "free will" may just be an illusion never really sat well with me. The thing that I never really figured out before was that those two ideas were conflicting. Logic would dictate that the world is orderly and can be understood by distilling reality down to a set of deterministic rules. If this were the case, then it means that our lives are pre-determined.

So, how is this all related? Well, it all goes back to the question above. The logical side of me tells me to be sensible and not waste my time and effort chasing dreams that are practically impossible to attain. However, the act of abandoning dreams doesn't sit well with me. What would life be without dreams to chase?


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