Eidolic Fringe
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  Viers   Viers is currently employed by Zedmore Kilroy as a member of his crew (yeah, he's a lackey). A fairly competent (well, competent as far as lackeys go) privateer, Viers usually gets the job done. He does, however, have a bit of a lazy streak, and sometimes taking the easy way out gets him into trouble.  
  Neida   Neida was hired by Zed mainly for his muscle. He's definately not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's an amiable person and is loyal almost to a fault.  
  Ozzle   A man of few words, Ozzle currently serves on Zed's flagship. He's the type of person who does things by the book, down to the letter.  
  Photo   A mysterious woman portrayed in a photograph obtained by Rei. It would seem that Zed is searching for her.  
  Lupe   Lupe Persimmon is the cook of the Talizar. Normally, Lupe is a very gentle and care-free person. However, she has a hair trigger temper that burns hotter than the sun.  
  Thomas and Naomi   Rei's parents. Thomas met Naomi in Japan while he was on a business trip to meet with a Japanese toy company. He was having language problems in a local shop. She was a student studying english literature and stepped in to help him out. Overall, they are typical parents.  
  Kiki   Kiki absolutely adores her older brother, Rei. She's very strong willed, and is a bit of a tomboy, except when she is around Rei because she thinks he prefers more feminine girls.  
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