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Joe: March 3, 2003:

"It was the best of times... it was the worst of times..."

I really hated "A Tale of Two Cities", but I guess the opening sentence seems appropriate somehow. Well, we got 3 responses (all on the forums) about the new name, and they were all (all three of them) somewhat negative (in various degrees). However, our weekly hit counts are higher than ever. So, the conclusion that I'm drawing is that most people either have an apathetic or positive opinion towards the new title (feel free to post or e-mail any strong feelings either supporting or disproving this conclusion). I guess the only thing I feel like I want to clear up about the responses that we have gotten is that keeping "Radical Dreamers" was not an option. Although the name was cool, it wasn't ours. This wasn't because of any copyright or trademark laws, it was because of the quality of another great artistic work. It's like being downstream from a large stone. Although the ripples that we make are our own, the ripples from the stone upstream will always be present. Some people probably won't understand this... I guess it's an artist thing. Anyway, the work stands on its own for all to see.

Okay, enough of that... so, I picked up Xenosaga the day it came out (along with the limited edition artbook that came when you pre-orderd it). It's insane! The sheer scale of it is mind boggling. I haven't played Xenogears in years, but I'm going to have to play it again after I finish Xenosaga, because I have some hunches about how things are related, but my memory of Xenogears is pretty fuzzy. Oh, for the record, KOS-MOS is Da Bomb! If looks could kill, it really woulnd't make a difference. She's got enough firepower as it is.

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March 3, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 7 is up

February 24, 2003

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February 17, 2003

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February 4, 2003

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February 3, 2003

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January 27, 2003

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Laura: March 3, 2003:

Well, I know I said I would do a bunch of stuff this week to accomodate the new name for our comic, but I didn't. I guess my heart wasn't in it, since the whole name situation has had me a bit bugged out. When we said we wanted to change the name, readers seemed supportive though a lot of them seemed to express that they didn't have a problem with the original name and that we shouldn't worry about what other people think. But, while being free of peer pressure and believing in your ideas have always been ideals for me, the truth is in some things such as this, what others think is important, at least to me. Also, I don't think that the issues with the title "Radical Dreamers" would've bothered us so much if there hadn't been some underlying issues to begin with. At least that's the case with me. To be honest, I always felt a little uncomfortable with the name, and when the chance to justifiably change it arose, I went with it. So as Joe said, keeping the original name just isn't an option. It didn't make me happy and I saw problems in the long run if we kept it.

So now, we've chose a new name, but the problem is people so far, albeit only a few, have expressed less than favorable opinions towards it. So why does this bother me so much? I didn't think it would. I mean, it's just a name. Well, like I said, I do care what others think. I don't want a name that people actively dislike. But I think the thing that really rattled me was when the new name was picked, I had a few concerns about it. Everything that I thought that might be off with "Eidolic Fringe" are the exact things people have commented on, so now I find myself doubting my judgement, and I think that's what has made me so unhappy this week. But also, I do want people to be honest. I wouldn't want people to hide what they think. So when I thought about it, I wasn't sure what to make of my feelings, when logically it seemed like there wasn't really a good reason to be so freaked out and if I could, what sort of compromise is there to make everyone happy? I don't really know.

But having had some time to stew over it, I think I feel a little better about the whole situation. I've been able to get a little perspective, but I guess these issues are still in the back of my mind. I'm sorry that the new name doesn't seem to top "Radical Dreamers" and I'm still not sure what to make of the situation. I guess time will tell.

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