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Joe: Feburary 24, 2003:

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for..."

So after weeks of racking our brains for a new title, we've finaly decided. I won't bore you with the details about all the diffferent things that we took into consideration, or all the rejects. Okay, okay... the new title is Eidolic Fringe. The URL for the comic has been updated, so please update your links to http://bonsaimechafactory.org/eidolicfringe. The old Radical Dreamers link will still work for a little while longer, but in a few weeks, all links going there will be replaced by a redirect that will require people to click on a link to the new URL. Any questions or comments? Feel free to discuss it on the forums or drop us an e-mail.

Which segues nicely into the next order of business... reader relations. First of all, I try and answer all e-mails by hand, and so far, it is still possible. If it ever gets to the point where it's not, I'll probably post something. I am, however, only human and the occasional mail may fall through the cracks. Also, sometimes it takes me a while to get around to writing a response (sorry). Secondly, we have received a handful of fan related miscellanea like new link buttons and a wallpaper. I feel bad for not getting around to putting that stuff up somewhere in a timely manner, but things have been a bit busy for me lately. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff. Items that people send us will go up... I just have to find time to do it (gomen-nasai -_-;)

On to the fun stuff... I found A Miracle of Science recently (actually, it's neither a miracle nor science, but it is a darn good web-comic ... click and discuss). Click the link! Do it! Do it NOW! I also found Mack Daddy Mario... just click and find out... I really can't find words to describe it properly.

GUNDAM Fight all set?!?! Ready?!?1 GO!!!!!

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February 24, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 6 is up
  • We've got a new title! Because of it, our URL has changed. Please update your links!

February 17, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 5 is up

February 4, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 4 is up

February 3, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 3 is up
  • we're going to change the name of this comic/manga/doujinshi/whatever

January 27, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 2 is up
  • Links page has been updated *gasp* !

January 20, 2003

  • Issue 2 is under way with Page 1!
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Laura: February 25, 2003:

I feel like such a slug this week. I just had some of those days where you don't feel like picking yourself up to do anything. Maybe the winter weather is finally getting to me. To elaborate on last week, NJ and a good deal of the tri-state area was hit with a severe winter storm. We got up to almost two feet of snow, which is more than anything we've had in the last decade. My poor little Elantra was parked on the side of the road and between the plows and the snowfall, it got buried pretty good. Fortunately I was out of work Monday and Tuesday. I wouldn't have had President's Day off otherwise, so it wasn't an entirely bad thing, but my commute to work the rest of the week was pretty hellish. I had a lot of parking lot rage. Anyway, I'm also kind of lonely since my parents went to England. I like having the house to myself and all, but at the same time, I'm always used to having people around. I'm also really tired. But enough of that nonsense.

So we finally get a formal intro to Arhn this week. I like Arhn. He's an interesting and colorful character, and while his character design was fun to do, it was also pretty mind racking. I don't know why, maybe because he's more mechanical in appearance, but I was very nitpicky about his suit. I started trying to come up with it's look weeks ago, but I found myself always going back and forth, erasing and redoing. I finally had to decide on a look since Arhn's intro was coming up. I think I'm fairly pleased with the outcome, but since he's one of the more complex looking characters, he's a bit hard to draw which was another contributing factor to the lateness of the page this week.

And finally, yes we've decided on a new name. We've already got one pretty passionate response about it on the message board. I'd be interested in hearing what more people think of it. Anyway, I'll be redoing the page to fit the name. It'll just be a light overhaul, a temporary solution, until I complete the new page redesign. Also, 'cause I feel bad about changing the name on people who linked to us, I'll be posting some new banners with the new nomer. That's all for this week.

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