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Joe: June 9, 2002:

They told me they fixed it! It's not my fault!

Well, networks are almost as fickle as the hyperdrive units on Corellian freighters. The Bonsai Mecha Factory server has been experiencing intermittent network outages recently. This is beyond our control. I could go into detail about how our little bonsai server is hacked together, but you really don't want to know... trust me. So, if you have problems getting to this site or any other site at, be patient and try again later.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, lets move on to something a little more interesting... like lawnmowers. Yes, those marvels of modern technology. I had to buy one this weeked, and what I saw at my local Sears was shocking. I was toying around with getting one of those old style bladed push mowers so I could get some exercise, but guess what, they sell for about $180 each. yeah. that's right, almost $200 for a chunk of metal whith wheels. I could easily get a low end gas mower for less than that. If they were about $80 I would have considered it. On the other end of the spectrum was the full whistles-and-bells version gas powered self propelled mower (I'm not even considering riding mowers here folks). It had a push button ignition! No more pulling on that stupid cord to try and start the mower (c'mon, who really needs that crap! It's un-American I say). If you can't start a lawn mower by using the cord, you probably aren't in good enough physical shape to mow a lawn anyway!

Well, I need to go mow my lawn now. So enjoy the latest comic page.

mmmmmmmmmm.... fresh cut lawn smell.....

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June 9, 2002:

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June 2, 2002:

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May 27, 2002:

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Laura: June 2, 2002:

Woo-Hoo! Week Three. Moving right along....

Oooh, what's going to happen now? Will Rei survive? Will he die? The suspense is killing you?! It's not??? Well why isn't it! Oh alright, you probably think we won't kill off the main guy like that (maybe we would, muwahahaha....oh, alright, jeez, snort). Actually if you've ever seen The Odyssey, I can say that's an indication of where this is heading. No, not Homer's poem thingy, the sci-fi show that aired years ago. It was quite creative, but I unfortunately never saw all of it. Anyway, don't think we won't kill somebody off! We mean it! We'll do it, we swear! (.......oh fine, I'm a major wuss and I don't like it when fictional people die. It makes me sad. You should've seen me after I saw IRIA. I was down for days. It was....what? Oh.) Speaking of main characters dying, I didn't get to watch Yu Yu Hakusho this week! Grah, I'm so mad at that! Nnnnn, I want to see Kurama!!! Huff...huff....ok. I'm done. See you next week.

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