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Joe: June 16, 2002:

Moving sucks. Too tired to rant.

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June 16, 2002:

  • Page 5 is up
  • New Rants are up.

June 9, 2002:

  • Page 4 is up
  • New rant from Joe is up

June 2, 2002:

  • New Page 3 is up
  • New Rants are up
  • Basic Info Page is up
  • Characters page in Info section is up

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Laura: June 16, 2002:

Hmm, I don't know if I should really call this a rant. I mean, I don't really care for ranting. Sounds rather negative, don't you think? I don't like complaining, especially when it's done at me. Oh well. Anyway, I couldn't really think of anything to, uh, rant about. But since I should probably make up for last week, I'm going to to tell a story about something that happpened to me today on the way to a bridal shower (I feel like a spinster at 23). Mind you now, I live in NJ:

My mother and I were rushing along to my godparent's house where their daughter was holding her bridal shower. My mom was somewhat pissed as my procrastination had caused us to be a half-hour late. We approached the toll booths and my mother entered the EZ Pass lane (I hope most of you know what that is as I'm too lazy to explain). Lo and behold, one of the many geniuses lurking the Garden State's roads had blocked the exit out of the lane. See, this person did not have EZ pass and realized that they just commited a toll booth violation by not paying. This brilliant individual then comes out of her car, dressed in a toga costume mind you. I assume she worked at Caesers Casino. What does she do? Walks to the bucket and tosses a quarter in. My mother at this point is fuming, probably thinking of many colorful gestures and phrases she'd like to say. I am calm, thinking, "ok, this is stupid but she'll at least drive off now." But alas. Toga Girl now insists we back out of the toll booth, so she can back out. Oh but now, there is another car behind us. "Oh, he'll back out, " Caeserette insists. Mom's angrily arguing to deaf ears as Cleopatra gets back into her car and starts backing up. It's one of the few times I've heard her utter the F-word. And really mean it. Luckily the motorist behind us backs out, then we back out, and finally Toga waitress.

It was pretty stupid. My point? Avoid motorist wearing togas. They're shifty. And what does this have to do with manga, or fantasy, or this comic?.....What was I saying? Something about spinsters, I think. Oh well. See you next week.

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