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Joe: June 2, 2002:

Adventure! Excitement! ... a Jedi seeks not these things...

However, since Lucas decided to explain away "The Force" and made it so I can never be a Jedi (damn him for crushing my childhood dreams), I figure I might as well go out and seek all the adventure and excitement that I can! And you will see adventure and excitement a plenty in Radical Dreamers... we just need to get through some more pages ^_^;;; I know that one page a week is a pretty slow pace for a comic. Hopefully, updates will become more frequent in the future. Heck, one day, we may even be able to crank out material as fast as "Battle Chasers" does!

Seriously though, we have both put a lot of effort into this project, and we think that there are people out there who will enjoy it. The pace we're at now is a little slow, but personally, I would rather take things slow and keep the quality of the work up than to sacrifice quality for speed.

So, I'm pleading with you to have some patience and keep checking back weekly for a new page. Also, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. e-mail us at We haven't heard anything from anyone since we started doing this.

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June 1, 2002:

  • New Page 3 is up
  • New Rants are up
  • Basic Info Page is up
  • Characters page in Info section is up
May 27, 2002:

  • New Page 2 is up
  • New Rants are up
May 20, 2002:

  • New Page 1 is up
  • Touched up cover is up
  • New Rants are up
  • We're officially up
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Laura: June 2, 2002:

Woo-Hoo! Week Three. Moving right along....

Oooh, what's going to happen now? Will Rei survive? Will he die? The suspense is killing you?! It's not??? Well why isn't it! Oh alright, you probably think we won't kill off the main guy like that (maybe we would, muwahahaha....oh, alright, jeez, snort). Actually if you've ever seen The Odyssey, I can say that's an indication of where this is heading. No, not Homer's poem thingy, the sci-fi show that aired years ago. It was quite creative, but I unfortunately never saw all of it. Anyway, don't think we won't kill somebody off! We mean it! We'll do it, we swear! (.......oh fine, I'm a major wuss and I don't like it when fictional people die. It makes me sad. You should've seen me after I saw IRIA. I was down for days. It was....what? Oh.) Speaking of main characters dying, I didn't get to watch Yu Yu Hakusho this week! Grah, I'm so mad at that! Nnnnn, I want to see Kurama!!! Huff...huff....ok. I'm done. See you next week.

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