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Joe: September 30, 2002:

Since there is a card game in this page, I want to point out this strip at reallifecomics.com that I got a real kick out of.

I really need to finish Kingdom Hearts so I can get on with the rest of my life. Or maybe I'll just move on to another game that will suck my soul (Animal Crossing perhapse?). Anyway, Kingdom Hearts is really strange. On the surface, it's really a Disney game. And it's not really a Disney-fication of Square characters as much as it is a Squarification of Disney characters and stories. Which is really the strange part. It's Disney, but it has a Square edge to it (pardon the pun).

If there could ever be such a thing, I would say that there are way too many good games out at the moment. It really seems like we're in a golden age of gaming. The down side is that there are other things to do besides play games (like work on Radical Dreamers).

On a sort of tangent, I've been doing some research on Animal Crossing and ended up researching Nintendo's e-Reader accessory for the GBA. What an ingenious piece of marketing evil. So what it seems like is that the e-Reader is basically some NVRAM with some sort of card reader attached to it (I guess the theme for the week is cards). The plan is that people would buy the reader for their GBA at about $40US and then buy packs of cards that contain information stripes. Then they swipe the cards into the reader and the information gets stored into the NVRAM and run. Nintendo has plans for card sets that contain old NES games. For example, the old "Excitebike" comes on 5 cards. Is that evil or what? I think I like it. I mean, as if Collectable Card Games weren't bad enough, now they'll have cybernetically engineered collectable card games! On a really evil note, could you imagine an epic game that took 10+ cards (I wonder how many cards it would take to store a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest game)? It would probably end up costing more to buy card packs for the game than going out to Funcoland and buying a used version of the game and an old NES to play it on. The up side is, if the reader is an optical reader, the potential for hacking is really high (which is a good thing). I may just hace to pick one up and see. If it is possible to create your own cards (evidence towards this looks promising), a set of Radical Dreamers themed cards may be appearing in the near future.

And on a totally unrealted note, my Cowboy Bebop theme song is...

my cowboy bebop theme song is cats on mars

what's your cowboy bebop theme song?

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Laura: September 30, 2002:


At least that's what I felt like yelling last night when Adobe Illustrator crapped out on me, two lines away from completion of this week's page, only to realize about twenty minutes later while I was trying to fall asleep, that I probably could've done what I need to do on Photoshop. But that was like at 2am and I was really tired and needed to get sleep. :( Oh well. I'm starting to stress. My trapezius muscles are taut like piano wires. I'm going to go to bed early tonight.

On to lighter subjects. As Joe stated, now is a great time for video games. I have resorted to keeping a list of games I want and their release dates so I can keep track of what to get and when. I picked up Megaman Zero last week, :), and have Grandia 2 to play after I finish that. I also got Front Mission 3 which I had wanted to try out for a while, but I haven't gotten around to it. Devil May Cry and Jak and Daxter just came out on Sony's greatest hits, so I'll be picking them up and we got Grandia Xtreme, Wild ARMs 3, .hack, Castlevania, and many more, either out or coming out in the near future. Of course at the moment, Kingdom Hearts is my priority game to get at the moment. Bizarre, since I did quite a bit of nose upturning at the concept when it was first announced. But how can I refuse Square? Even Disney. Though they've frustrated me immensely over the past few years, to deny that they have been paramount to the development of American animation and still have the potential for immense creativity would be silly. But I know that I must have this game due to one thing. Something that is absolute. That is my reaction to the commercial. It's largely due to the song Hikari which I've come to like a lot, but I am absolutely mesmerized every time it comes on the TV. When I get like this, I know that I must have something. I know it's for sure because I was exactly like this when Final Fantasy VII came out. My dad used to wonder what was wrong with me because I'd suddenly bolt upright and go careening towards the television every time the commercial went on. I felt like that with the first Legend of Zelda Gameboy game too. Ah, I luv video games.

Well, that's all for now. In case, you didn't see it, Joe and I put up some posts in the forum about our future plans for the site in case anyone is interested. Some feedback would be nice, especially if you think you'd really like to see something we mentioned, or maybe something we didn't.

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