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Joe: September 23, 2002:

thoughts like leaves falling from trees
slowly form a rant

So where do I start. Well, I guess I should mention that ez-board is really getting on my nerves. I'll probably have to find some other way to run a forum. I don't think I want to run it on the same server that's serving up the comic because I think that would be a little too much for Hinoki to handle. Anyway, I have three months to figure something out. I'm also looking for suggestions, so if you have an idea, don't hesitate to shoot an e-mail this way.

Next on the list is more PR stuff. I don't think enough people know about Radical Dreamers! Actually, I really don't like asking for links and plugging the site. I don't know exactly why, but whenever I do it, I feel like I'm being rude. The down side of this is that if we don't tell people about it, then no one will know about it. grrr, Kobiyashi Maru! Well, what I'm trying to say is... If you like Radical Dreamers, and know some people who might like it too, please tell them about us. And if you don't like Radical Dreamers for some reason, please tell us why so we can learn what we're doing wrong. This is supposed to be a learning experience for both of us, and we can't get better if people don't tell us what we're doing wrong.

Okay, on to the fun stuff. I went with a group of co-workers to go see "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" (AKA Spirited Away) on Saturday. The dub was excellent (well, as far as dubs go). One thing stuck out in my mind, and it's not really specific to this dub either. Why is it that the people doing the dubs insist on stressing the second sylable of names that are 3 sylables long; i.e. "chi-HI-ro", "sa-KU-ra", "a-E-ka", "ka-GO-me", etc. I just don't get it. I mean, it's not like it's that way in English all the time. We don't pronounce the names "jen-NIF-er", "Za-CHAR-y", "Jer-REM-y". Oh well. It's not like I can really do anything but rant about it.

And on a random closing note, video games are starting to overwhelm me. The amount of games that are out that I really want to play just keeps getting longer. I picked up "Kingdom Hearts" this past week, and I can't stop playing it. While I was at Walmart getting that, I noticed that "Casllvania: White Night Concerto" was out too. Then I was just browsing around EB on Sunday and I noticed that "Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Zeon" snuck out under my radar! And I haven't even finished "Super Mario Sunshine" yet!!!!

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September 23

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September 16

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September 9

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  • image of the flyers we handed out at AXNY are in the archives.

September 1

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August 26

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Laura: September 23, 2002:

So, today we take a look at the Talizar, the ship of the privateers that have adopted Rei, and though "she" may not be an actual character, this sort of symbolizes the beginning of the formal introductions of some of our characters in the following weeks. As some of the reader's have rightly guessed in the forums, this is sort of a necessary run since the comic is in the beginning stages but we're already working on moving the story along for the next issue. In case you don't know, Radical Dreamers is going to run in sort of an issue form, with arcs contained in each issue. Issue one is sort of the intro, with the introduction of the main character and the necessary plot points to get our story rolling. Now, with Issue two well on it's way planning-wise, we're looking to see how we can improve our presentation. Joe, in light of my requests to have mercy on my soul and my drawing hand, has been writing the pages shorter and therefore easier for me to draw. But of course my concern is now, whether a shorter page once a week is enough content for the readers. I have been thinking about seeing whether two shorter pages a week would a) be feasible and b) be more satisfying to the people who have stuck with this comic. Of course, (inserts hanging head in shame here) it's not like I've been able to do very well with one page a week, but I'm hoping that my skills will improve enough that I think I could do it. Of course it's not worth it, if people think that the way it is now is fine. So basically what I want is some feedback on what you people think. I'll probably make some kind of place for this discussion in the forum. But, I want to improve Radical Dreamers. I want more readers. I want legions of fanboys kneeling at my feet!....Well, that last one's kind of iffy.

So anyway, I hate admitting this, because in a way the concept still scares me, but I really want to get Kingdom Hearts now. Arrr, somehow the Disney-fication of Square characters initially turned my stomach, but the game does look pretty awesome. But it'll have to wait because I got Megaman Zero today. Oh boy! Just so everyone knows, I'm a Megaman freak! I love it! I've been eBaying away to get my hands on some Rockman mangas. Just this week I got Megamix by Hitoshi Ariga. I love his style. I've been slowly becoming a fan since I started reading Big O. And now with Megaman EXE becoming popular, I'm overloading here. Of course, my favorite's got to be Zero. I just love anime and video game guys with long hair and swords. My first love was Link of course. But I'm also crazy about white hair, so if you can't figure out my favorite character ever is, you've been living in a cave for the last five years. Anyway, he's another reason I have to get Kingdom Hearts. Of course, a nice healthy video game distraction is all I need right now.

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