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Joe: October 7, 2002:

I found a online comic list at www.belfry.com last week and decided to try and submit a link to Radical Dreamers there. Well, we're on the list, and to my surprise we have a gold star next to our link (it means it's one of the maintainer's favs)! Foxen, if you're reading, thanks a million! That really made my week! It's sorta reminds me of elementary school, when you got a star or a sticker on a returned assignment... then you ran around showing people because you had no idea that it annoyed the heck out of them.

Now on to the random stuff.

Whew, I finally beat "Kingdom Hearts". The way I normally play RPGs is to go through the game once using as little outside help on the main plot as possible. I may stop and do some mini-quests or whatnot if they seem natural or don't take an insane amount of time. Basically I like a challenge (I really can't relate to power levelers who face the final boss with all their characters at level 99 and ultimate everythings for weapons. What's the satisfaction in that? To me, the final battle should be an epic struggle between the player and the game. Not something that can be won using a single ultra-limit-break-combo-thingie... but I digress). When I started the game, I was given the choice between "normal" and "expert" mode. I thought to myself "feh, this is a kids game, normal mode won't be challenging enough." so I chose "expert" mode. The error in my assumption was that it was a kids game; Kingdom Hearts is definately not for kids. This came back to haunt me big time towards the end of the game. Some of the bosses were insanely hard for me (expecially for my non-power-leveled characters). But After beating it, I did get a very good sense of satisfaction. It took real strategy to beat the final boss, and that's what I like. Oh, did I mention that the final battle sequence is the longest final battle that I've ever seen in an RPG (FYI, the previous record holder was "Skies of Arcadia"). It must have been 8+ stages! Well, I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I'll just leave it at that.

So now that I've finished "Kingdom Hearts", I started playing Animal Crossing. It's an addictive game, but not in the traditional sense. It's not something that you can play for hours on end at a time. It's eviler than that. It forces you to play for shorter periods of time every single day! So, you basically live in this town and you interact with the other inhabitants of the town. Different things happen in the town at times and on different days, so I really don't want to miss a day playing. The problem I really have with the game is that I don't really have anyone to play the game with. It's supposed to be a communications game, but you can only communicate with random AI characters for so long before you start to feel like you're going crazy (well, I think it may be a little late for me to worry about that anyways... but again, I digress). Well, I hope I can at least find other people who play so I can visit their town or trade items with. I'm just starting out, so I don't know what items I'll be collecting yet. I'll probably put up a thread on the forum for Animal Crossing, so people can post trade offers. In the mean time, anyone got any fruit to trade? I got pears and coconuts! Well, I've probably gone on long enough. People probably don't read my ramblings anyway.

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Laura: October 7, 2002:

Yeah, I'm pretty happy we got that little star too. We're special!

Managed to get the update in on time, (woohoo!) but it seems that a minor typo has managed to slip under the radar of my watchful grammatically attuned eyeball (doh!). Sorry about that. I'm usually pretty good about my spelling. It'll be fixed as soon as I get a chance, and if you don't see what I'm talking about, well I fixed it!

I'm all about moving forward this week. I joined the local athletic club through a program at work a few days ago. Now, I don't consider myself fat, but really, I am out of shape and could stand to shed a few pounds. I don't want to pack on the pounds and then suddenly five years and fifty pounds from now, have to struggle to lose it and sacrifice my health when I could work at it now. But this has been something of an ongoing struggle for me, so I figured through a commitment like this, maybe I can do it. Besides it's not just about the weight you know. I want to be buff. Like an American Gladiator! I want to be able to crush things with my powerful arms and benchpress men while yelling things like, "Ultimate Power!" and "Maximun Force!!!". It's a dream of mine.

Anyway, with symbolic act of the gym joining, I feel that I should pick up finally and start doing all the other things I want and need to do. Like (hehe) getting ahead on my pages. I did actually do a little work on the re-designing of the web page this week, which is something I really want to get done, and I'm starting to try and get ahead on my drafts for future pages. I usually do very rough pen drafts for the pages before I draw them. Well, that's about it for now and anyone who's visiting this page for the first time.....Hi!

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