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The Radical Dreamers forum is located at http://pub72.ezboard.com/bradicaldreamersonlinegraphicnovelforum

Joe: August 19, 2002:

Okay, first thing on the agenda is more thank-yous for links. I found that FOG Club had put up a link to us, so I decided to start reading. I spent the better part of the week catching up with that comic. It took about a month or so worth of it to really get into it, but after that, I was hooked. I just couldn't get enough of it. The thing that amazes me the most is that he updates it daily. Yup, that's right, new stuff every day. Even on the weekends. Now you don't have to take my word for it... go check it out for yourself.

Next thing on the list is Anime Expo New York. It's somewhat of a last minute decision for me, but I found out that I have off that monday and my cousin who lives in Brooklyn offered me crash space for the weekend, so... I'll be there. I'll have more stickers and probably some other goodies to give out if people are interested... but I really don't have any idea of the best way for people to find me. Again, I'll probably be wearing a Cornell Japanese Animation Society T-shirt (and I'll still have long hair). I guess I'll most likely be going to the Web-manga panel to see what everyone else is up to...

Finally, I have setup a forum on ez-board for Radical Dreamers. It's at http://pub72.ezboard.com/bradicaldreamersonlinegraphicnovelforum . We've gotten 3 e-mails from people. I know there have got to be at least twice as many people as that reading this (you're alive... I can hear you clicking). I'm hoping that a forum will make it easier for readers to interact with eachother and will let us get some feedback on how we're doing. So, check it out and go nuts!

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August 19

  • Page 14 is up
  • EZBoard Forum is up (see link above)

August 12

  • Page 13 is up.
  • Links page is up along with some mini-banners if you want to link to us.

August 5

  • Page 12 is up
  • Character page has been updated

July 31

  • Page 11 is up.

July 29

  • Posted up some extra stuff to tide people over until the next page is finished.

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Laura: August 12, 2002:

Woohoo! I'm back on track. Finally got an update in totally on time, and next week's page is fairly easy, so I think I can get working on getting ahead on my pages, and not be freaking out every Sunday like I have been.

Like Joe said, thanks to the people who have been linkng to our site, especially Bizarre Uprising who I think is the first site to add us to their links page. They picked up our sticker at Otakon, and consquently I have their flyer which was also among the boards and tables. Also we returned the favor and you can see their banner, as well as others on our links page, which I got up this week. And of course, we have a couple mini-banners that people are welcome to use to link to our site. I'm planning on doing some more when I have a chance.

Among my to-do list, is a re-designing of the RD page. While I'm not unhappy with the current design, I feel it could be improved upon. One suggestion so far, which I'll probably do, is to move the comic page closer to the top of the page, so you see more of it when it loads. I also want to make a more diverse and lighter color scheme. If you have any suggestions as to something you think might make the site better, or something you'd like to see added, or something you don't want me to change at all, I'd love to hear some thoughts. Just be kind, because I cry easily, and then you'll have that on your conscience, so there! And just don't ask me to do more pages a week. I'd love to really, but one page a week takes me 10+ hours a week (yes, I'm ashamed to admit it) and I have a lot of other stuff going on, like trying to have a life. I hope at some point in the future, I can improve my skills to the point where I can update more, but for now, this is it. Actually, I am getting the hang of it. This week's page, I tried something a little different. I shaded some with the pencil and simplified the gray tones. Even though it's a bit rough looking, I like the result a lot, and I think this might be the road to the style I want to develop. That and it saves me some time. Well, I've gone on enough for now. Enjoy the page, and see you next week.

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