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Joe: August 26, 2002:

*sigh* I'm sick... not in the mentally demented or psycologically twisted sense, but in the sense that some foreign organizms (or viri) are savagely playing Mosh-Mosh Revolution somewhere in my body. It sucks. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick in the summer. And the only thing worse than being sick in the summber is being sick in the summer while having your car break down. Yeah, my car (which I have dubbed "Sandrock") is sick too. Hopefully, it will be better before I am (and hopefully I will be better at a lower cost than it is). Well, it could only be worse if I were sick in the summer time with a sick car at the same time that AXNY was going on (ok, so I exagerate... it could always be worse). I had better be well again by AXNY or I'll have to do something drastic.

Anyway, onto something different. I'd like to welcome all the people that found this place through FOGClub . Man there seem to be a lot of you (at least according to the stats from "extreme tracking"). I hope you can be patient with Radical Dreamers, since it doesn't update anywhere near as often as FOGClub does.

Moving through another non-sequitur transition, there has been very minimal activity on the Forum . I know many of you are not interested in frequenting any forums let alone ours, but it would be nice for us to get to know what type of people out there are actually reading. So far, I only know people as "tide84.microsoft.com" or "inktomi5-bre.server.ntl.com". Posting a quick introduction on the forum with some comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I think I'll spare you from any more train of thought derailments and just stop right now. My mind is probably too busy managing the war in my body. I think the invaders have blitzkreiged my windpipe, but the defenders are preparing to counter with a pincer maneuver in the throat area. Maybe I should send in some acetaminophen artillery as reinforcements.

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August 26

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Laura: August 26, 2002:

Sorry about not ranting last week. Since it takes me a freakishly long amount of time to draw the page, (and I ususally end up working on it to the last minute) there are just times when I'll be up too late to write anything. Unless you guys want to read incoherent babble. Then we might be able to work something out.

Well, I have a got a lot of stuff to do. It feels good to be busy, but wow, I'm kind of overloaded here. I'm trying desparately, and unsuccessfully, to get ahead on my pages every week. For AXNY this week, I'm drawing up some mini flyers to advertise the site. I won't be going, (wah!) but Joe'll be there passing them out, so keep an eye out for him. I've also got the website re-design going on, but since it's not really a priority, it won't be up for a little while. I got really inspired by this book for designers called Global Color Combinations, so hopefully, when I do finish it, it'll be something nice! I also have to get the character profiles updated, and I want to re-vamp the BMF home site too. Then we also signed up for a CafePress account, so I want to design some T-shirts and man, I want a Hinoki mousepad! The list goes on, and that's just Radical Dreamers stuff. I'm also in the process of looking for a car, my first car. Then there's my personal website, which is my online portfolio, that I want to update, and I just need to update my portfolio in general because I haven't done any illustration work in a year, outside of Radical Dreamers stuff. Well, you guys get the idea.

Well, that's about all for now. Anyone who's going to AXNY, have a good time. Maybe I'll see you there next year. ^_^

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