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Joe: August 5, 2002:

Ok, first things first...

Hits to this site are up. I can only assume that our activities at Otakon were sucessful on some level. I just hope that people find this site interesting enough to check back every week. Now I have a favor to ask. Tell your friends about our page! The most effective way to advertise a web comic (I really don't think comic is the right word, but I can't think of a better word) is by word of mouth. So, I'm asking people who like what they see here to please tell others about it.

Now, on to something completely different. For my day job, I work as a verification engineer for HP on one of their microprcessors. Well, I originally I worked for Digital Equipment Corp, which was bought by Compaq, which was then bought by HP. My job is to find bugs in a microprocessor design... in short I break things. I have crashed pretty much every computer and OS combination that I have ever used. However, this past week, I managed to crash my refridgerator. Yeah, you read that right, I crashed the fridge. The ice maker in my fridge stopped working for some reason. So, I did what any typical user would do... I rebooted my fridge... and amazingly, it worked.

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August 5

  • Page 12 is up
  • Character page has been updated

July 31

  • Page 11 is up.

July 29

  • Posted up some extra stuff to tide people over until the next page is finished.

July 22

  • Page 10 is up
  • New Rants are up

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Laura: August 5, 2002:

Whew, well I made it. It's late monday, but it's still monday, so I'm on time. Until three weeks ago when I started my new job, I was able to stay up later to make sure pages got done but now I've got to get to bed earlier so it's a little harder, which is why I've been lagging. I need to get back to where I'm a few pages ahead so we can update earlier on mondays. I'm working on it.

Not much to say this time around. Already looking forward to the next Otakon. One of these years, Joe and I are going to dress up. It'll be cool. Also, I'm seriously considering put art up for auction next year, maybe even earn a little spending money? I guess it takes a certain kind of piece of art to sell well at these things, mostly fanart. I'm not really into making fanart, but I'm might do something of my all time favorite bishonen, Sephiroth. There's always room for Sephiroth :). Anyway, I'd like to do something really nice, so I'm thinking about starting now. I also got my dealer's room wish list, which includes that Custom Wing Zero model I missed out on, grrr, and I guess we'll be looking at hotels as soon as details are posted. I guess I'm just overly excited from pent up energy. I had been wanting to go for four years, really really badly. I just left, and I want to go back. Wah.

Also I'll try to get a links page up in a few days. We'll also have a few banners that people can use to link to us, though the Radical Dreamers banner can also be located at, our homepage. And by all means, let us know if you do. That's all for now.

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