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Joe: July 31, 2002:

Writer needs Mountain Dew badly...

Well, another Otakon has come and gone, and I'm still doing some catch-up on things I neglected during the con (like sleep). I can't believe I've been going to those since 1996. There wasn't anything this year that stood out in my mind, but I still had a good time.

We put up some flyers and gave out stickers to advertise Radical Dreamers, but I'm not sure exactly how much of a response we'll get. I know some of the stickers were used to put up other flyers (which sometimes covered up our flyer... thanks guys that was really nice and considerate of you), but I guess that can't be helped. If you did find us because of the flyer or the stickers, please drop us a message. If we get a good response we might make more free goodies for future cons.

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July 31

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July 29

  • Posted up some extra stuff to tide people over until the next page is finished.

July 22

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July 15

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Laura: July 31, 2002:

So very tired...

Agh, after my entire spiel about updating on time last week, here I am doing it again. But I at least have a better excuse this time around. We were at Otakon, and a good time was had by all. For the most part. I learned a couple things this time around. First of all, I'm bringing a stapler next year. We were hanging up flyers and stickers to promote the website, and people kept stealing our tacks. They were my good hanging tacks too. Nyah. Secondly, when you see something in the dealer's room that you definitely want, grab it! I'm still kicking myself over that SD Wing Zero model that I missed out on. I saw it the first day, and couldn't find it afterward. Oh well. Next Con maybe. All in all, I had a fun time. Saw lots of anime (the good-Rockman EXE, the bad-BAOH, and the ugly-MAT3k), did lots of shopping (models, art books, cds) took lots of pictures (mostly of costumes) and discovered the beautiful horror that is the Yatta song. I'm going to try a do a Con recap page with pictures. But hopefully this will be an annual event we can keep on doing. I'm already looking forward to next year

Well, this's weeks update is a considerable step up from last week's. Mercifully, it was only four frames, and it's a little rough looking because I didn't ink it. But I guess I was feeling inspired from Otakon, and so I'm fairly pleased with the result. I'm trying to simplefly my coloring process. Sometimes I think I gray out the areas too much. I need to make the most of simple black and white. I'm actually even thinking about playing around with half-tones and line effects. I guess we'll see in the upcoming weeks. Also, I'm going to try a get a links page up and update the character pages for the next update, which by the way, will be on time. I'm pretty much caught up now. So yay. Well, I'm totally beat, and there's no air conditioning in my house, and I have to work tomorrow, so that's just about it until next week.

Now everbody say YATTA!

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