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Joe: July 22, 2002:

"It's the end of the world as we know it" ?

Well, anyone who attended Otakon 2001 will remember a chaos that would be a worthy omen to any upcoming apocalypse... explosions in the sewers... manhole covers being launched into a lower-earth orbit... fire hydrants turning the streets of Baltimore's inner harbor into a place resembling Venice... I was just too surreal.

I just hope this year is at least half as much fun.

Anyway, I guess some details should be put up, since the con is this upcoming weekend. If for some reason you want to find me (or stalk me), I'll be the short long-haired asian dude in a CJAS (Cornell Japanese Animation Society) T-shirt. When I say long hair, I mean really long hair. I have a pony-tail that's about a foot long. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one member of the CJAS contingent that fits that description (oh, and if you see a tall long-haired non-asian dude, that's Greg, not me). If you're unsure, you can look at Otakon pass. It should have a name on it.

I'm not even sure why I'm bothering with all this. I doubt there are that many readers out there who would actually be interested. But, if you are, and you take the effort to find me, I may have some cool Radical Dreamers related stuff for you.

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July 22

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July 8

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July 1

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Laura: July 22, 2002:

Well, first of all, I guess I should apologize. This week's update is a day late, and that's my fault. Starting my new job and all, I didn't work on it as much as I could've. But it won't be a regular occurence, I promise. I really only have time to work on one page a week, so it's important to me that at the very least, I put it out on time. I especially want to respect people who have been great enough to visit the page regularly.

And as such...sigh.....I have to admit that this week's page is a bit rushed. I'd much rather do decent work late that shoddy work on time, but I just had to compromise a bit this weekend. So I don't think the placement is all that good, seeing as backgrounds are something of a weakness, I skipped out on them quite a bit. So in case you're confused about where Rei is, he's on the ship he saw last week, he's quite out of his mind, and that slip of paper is that photo he lifted off the pirates. We meet quite a few new characters this week too. We'll be meeting them in full in the weeks ahead, and hopefully keep the character profiles updated.

Also I guess I'm a bit down about the responses I've been getting about Radical Dreamers. It's not to say that I haven't heard good things or constructive feedback. In fact, nobody's really said anything bad....which is good. But it seems to me that people regard the art as well.....cartoony. It's not really a complaint, but it downs me a bit. Cartoony sounds a bit immature a word for the look I want to achieve. Stylistically speaking, I still feel like I'm sorting my way through, trying to tweak things here and there as I go along, and to improve my skills too, because I know I need too. But to hear your work called....."goofy"? It doesn't feel good. Now, I hope I don't sound like I'm whining or giving up. Hell no. I am the way I am. I guess every artist goes through this. I don't know. Maybe the comments made were by people who aren't familiar with manga. Maybe I draw cartoony manga....ugh.

Oh well, let's mention something positive. I got my Rockman X Mangas that I bid on today! Take that, 11 year boys across eBay! Haha! Also, this week is Otakon. Goodtimes! I'm really looking forward to this since it's been about four years since that last one I went to. Lot's of shopping, lot's of anime, an aquarium here, some Radical Dreamers PR there. We got stickers! I'll give you one if you ask me nicely. I've got mid-length brown hair and my tag will say LAURA GALIFFE on it. There aren't many Galiffe's in the world. You can't miss me. Anyway, I'm so looking forward to this weekend. If you're going too, Have fun!

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