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Joe: August 25, 2003:

"Things are more like they are today than they've ever been before"

So, um... yeah. Things are just kinda going now. Summer's almost over so thing are probably going to kinda status quo for a while. Next week is Labor Day weekend (which means a long weekend from work). Laura and I are going to the Blue Man Group's "Complex" tour in Atlantic City on Sunday night... so, don't be surprised if the update is a bit late.

To my absolute surprise, there are actually people on our forum talking and speculating about the plot. If anyone else is interested, feel free to head on over and add your thoughts.

Just to add to things, our hit count has started to really increase. I'm not really sure what's going on. It seems like people are actually showing up and reading. So, if you're new, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your interest and feel free to look around.

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Autust 25, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 6 is up

August 18, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 5 is up

August 13, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 4 is up

August 4, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 3 is up
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Laura: August 25, 2003:

Weekly WebComic Feature

Since I won't be using my rantspace for a few weeks, I thought we should put something else in here each week, instead of one stale rant. So every week, we're going to feature a webcomic that we think is pretty spiffy and that you should most definitely check out.

So this week it's:

Welcome to the Jungle... an urban jungle... complete with an impressive variety of human and non-human inhabitants. Singe (AKA Eve) doesn't exactly have an easy life, but she makes due by taking on odd jobs here and there. Things start to get interesting for her when an Ex-guardian (read: fallen angel turned mortal) blackmails her into letting him crash at her place for a year. (I know a bunch of you recently came from here, but for the rest of you, go check it out!)

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