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Joe: September 22, 2003:

Back to (ab)normalcy

So, I would have said more last week, but it's hard to go into detail when you're speaking like a pirate. Anyway, I'll try this again in English this time. Our main server is actually using a fair amount of bandwidth from the readers of this comic, so hosting other, larger, files on it is not really an option right now. There are some things planned for the future of this comic where I would like to offer some music files that will supplement the comic (like music files), so I'm investigating other ways of hosting these files. The One that shows the most promising right now is .mac . So, I'll post the link to the music file I has last week: (2.7 megs). If you were confused last week, I'm asking you to try and download it and report if you have any problems (i.e. send an e-mail or post on the forum). The file is a song that I composed when I was in college. Feel free to copy it and share it (if you think other people would like it), but please don't use it for non-personal reasons without first asking (not that anyone would want to, but I'm just covering all the bases here).

Now, on to something completely different. I saw Millennium Actress this past Saturday. It's an amazing work. The plot is well known yet its presentation is refreshingly unique. I laughed, I cried, I ... well, you get the idea. For those of you who have problems finding a meaningful description of the work, I can tell you why it's so difficult. I don't think it can be described easlily in words. Go see it. If it's not showing in a theater near you, wait a couple weeks for the DVD to come out and get it. IMO, it's on the "must see" list of not just anime, but of all movies.

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September 22, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 10 is up

September 16, 2003

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September 8, 2003

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September 1, 2003

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Autust 25, 2003

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Laura: September 22, 2003:

Weekly WebComic Feature

Since I won't be using my rantspace for a few weeks, I thought we should put something else in here each week, instead of one stale rant. So every week, we're going to feature a webcomic that we think is pretty spiffy and that you should most definitely check out.

So this week it's:

Ever have that feeling that you're not really you ... that the your life is a lie ... that there are people who are out to get you? Well, this is more than just paranoid thoughts for Kailey Machida. But why is this happening? I guess we'll have to keep reading to find out.

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