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Joe: June 9, 2003:

"But this one goes to eleven!"

A big thanks to Kelsey Ehler (AKA Makou) of "Spork Rivers" for a wonderful colored picture of Sarah. I really like her expression in the picture, especially the eyes. There's just something about the piece that manages to capture te essence of Sarah's character.

While I'm in the linking mood, there are a few things I want to point out and call attention to. First of all, A Miracle of Science has recently past the one year mark. And while I keem meaning to send them e-mail to congratulate them... well, you know how I am with e-mails and timeliness. So, I'll just congratulate them here. Next item on the list cones from one of our readers. C. Brudlos (AKA Snoozer) has started up a web comic production called Alpha Shade It's looking pretty good, so go check it out.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (yeah, I know it's a bad habit, I really should quit) about web comics and the web comic scene... and I'm really confused. The thing that I find most confusing is motive. There are so many different motives for people to do web comics. And I actually cannot say exactly why I work on this comic myself. Generally, it really doesn't matter to me what a person's resons for doing a web comic are... I'm just happy to see people being creative. What gets on my nerves is the ultra competetive streak that some people seem to have. I guess with all the Top 10/30/100/x lists that are around and all the stuff, more stuff and even more stuff around the WCC Awards, I'm just getting tired of it all. IMHO, art (which includes web comics) should be about expression and not about competition. I personally do not view any other web comic or web comic creator as a rival. Why should I? It's not like their success hurts me in any way. So, all this effort expended towards the dubious goal of rating web comics and getting rated better than certain web comics just seems like an enourmous waste to me. If all that energy were instead used to create comics, there would be some amazing stuff being produced. I guess there is a momentary surge of satisfaction when the ranking comes in, but when you think about it... does it really mean anything? So, comic A has gotten more people to click on a link than comic B has. So what?

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June 9, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 21 is up
  • We got new fan art! check it out on the archive page

June 2, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 20 is up

May 26, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 19 is up

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Laura: May 12, 2003:

So, it's been like a month since I wrote anything. I am boring. I can't help it. And I just don't want to do anything. It might be because I cut my sugar intake by serious amounts. I used to eat chocolate and drink at least two sodas every day. Now, I've cut back to eating any kind of sweets and soda to one day a week. Waaaaa. Anyway, while normally I have very little I want to talk about, this time I actually have one thing that I want to go on about: videogames, my favorite thing in the world! (Sounds like a good place to break into song, yes?)

Mainly, I'm very excited about E3 which starts on Tuesday. I wish I could be a coffee server at a video game developer just so I could qualify to go as an industry professional. But alas, I can only read about it. There are a lot of great games slated for the latter half of the year (and it's been a great year already) but with E3 coming up, I'm especially excited about the games that we've heard little or nothing about. The titles I'm really looking forward to are Legacy of Kain: Defiance, Castlevania for the PS2, and Metal Gear 3. Admittedly however, there is one thing I'm hoping to see more than anything, though I think there's a slim chance that it'll actually happen. I'm hoping that SquareEnix will do a surprise revealing of Kingdom Hearts 2. Square has, in the past, slipped little hints into their presentations of things to come. Chances are it's still just too early, but video game developers do like their showmanship, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. But if and when they make a sequel, and it's something like what the secret ending was like in the first game, I'd be so happy that...well, I dunno. I'd have to do a happy little dance or something.

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