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Joe: April 7, 2003:

500 more points and I get to meet Spokey Donkey!

So, despite my growing pile of "stuff that I should do", I managed to go into Boston to see Cowboy Bebop: Stairway to Heaven. After braving snow, sleet, freezing rain (it is spring right?) and the guy selling the tickets at the box office who insisted on carding us because it was an "R" rated movie, I found myself sitting in front of a group of die-hard sci-fi/anime/movie/random stuff otaku who drove over 100 miles just to see this movie. Now that's hard core. It turns out that they produce something called the No Name Sci-Fi Show (warning for immature mature audiences) at If you want to know what goes on in the minds of die-hard otaku, feel free to check it out. I wish they would use a different format than Real Audio though. Oh, getting back to the movie itself, it was awesome. The animation quality was amazing, and you get to see Spike open up a few big can o jeet-kun-do whup-ass. Unfortunately it probably won't get a wide release.

Which conveniently segues into "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" AKA Spirited Away. It seems that winning an Oscar was finally able to convince Disney to give it the wide release it deserves. If you haven't seen it, why are you sitting there reading this?!?!? GO SEE IT NOW (Then come back and read this)!

Hmmm... I guess that's about it for this week... why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

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April 7, 2003

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April 1, 2003

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March 24, 2003

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March 17, 2003

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Laura: April 7, 2003:

Hello, it's me. I'm not dead yet. It's been a hefty chunk of time since my last rant, but as stated previously, as if anyone could remember what I wrote some three weeks ago, I've been in a bit of rut lately. I just feel like a slug. I basically don't want to be bothered with stuff lately. That's not to say, I don't want to do the comic or anything. I'm just feeling rather anti-social lately. Also, I just don't always have something to write about, so I probably won't rant as frequently as Joe. Incidentally, I don't like calling it a rant. That word has a negative connotation. It sounds like whining. I hate whining.

Enough of that. So anyway,I think I'm starting to pull out of my rut. I'm starting to feel a little more productive lately, though I'm not totally cured of it (this comic is late isn't it?). Spring is here, and it's starting to finally warm up where I live, and lot's of stuff is starting to come up. Anime Boston's coming up in a couple weeks, and even though I won't be going, I'll be curious to see how Joe's panel fares. I'm already starting to look forward to Wizard's World, though this year it looks like we'll only be attending one day, and plans are already in motion for Otakon.

Also, I was very pleased that Spirited Away won the Oscar (as it should have) as it enabled me, and I bet of lot of you guys, to finally see it. I don't really gush about stuff, but it was a refreshing movie, clean and enjoyable, and devoid of well...schlock. It was aggravating that it was considered an "arthouse" movie, but as thrilled as I am to finally see an anime in the theaters, my opinion is that the general American public are not mentally equipped to appreciate this film and many of it's kin for what they are. Case in point, I was on recently to look up the release date for the Spirited Away DVD and I saw amongst the many glowing perfects reviews, a one star commentary titled "This is an Outrage!" The person went on to exclaim, "Who do these Japanese think they are?" and told of how their 8-year old child was frightened by scenes in the movie (you can probably guess which ones if you've seen it). I dunno. All I can say is, that I think American children should be able to take it. Toughen up kiddies. Sentiments like this have basically bullied American media aimed at children into dumbing down their creations to avoid enraged parents empowered by the power of whining in this day and age. As a result, do you think an American studio will ever churn out a gem like "Spirited Away"? Probably not in my lifetime.

Ok, I'm blathering. Oh well. At least I'm writing again. Now, will anyone actually scroll down to read this far? Will anyone even know I wrote something?Hmm....

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