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Joe: March 24, 2003:

"War! Grunt What is it good for?"

I'm not going to go into my opinions on the war, but I have noticed that we do get some hits from .mil addresses. To any person who is out there fighting for the ideal of freedom, thank you. In spite of all the news stories of protests and demonstrations agains war, there are people who realize that there are causes worth fighting for, and who are grateful... "And that's all I have to say about that".

We've had a slight drop in hits, which I'm assuming is from people going on spring break (lucky bastards). Anyway, now that you're back, you can get back to more important things, like reading web comics! Karen Gellender has been lamenting on the Rocketbox forums that she's having problems getting readers for her comic Sterling so why don't you go and check it out. Also, Dennis K. of FOG Club has performed a feat of astronomical proportions. After falling way behind schedule on his comic, he's actually managed to get caught up! Now any regular person would have just taken it from there, but not him. Now that's dedication for you! Another comic that has caught my attention is Wanderjive. It's just starting out, but the story seems interesting and the art style is refreshingly different. Finally, I was going to link M.O.B.S since they linked us from before all the name change stuff (and I kinda let it slip my mind ^^;;; ), but there's this ominous note where the comic should be. I don't know what he's going to do, but he'd better not quit. Go over there, check out his archives and send him some encouragement!

Finally, Anime Boston 2003 is just around the corner, and it looks like I'll be running a "So you wanna run a web comic" forum there. I'll post the time for it when they tell me, but if you're gonna attend the con, feel free to drop by (you can heckle me if you want to :P ). Anyway, if there are any topics you feel should be covered or any suggestions for the panel, they would be greatly appreciated.

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March 24, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 10 is up

March 17, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 9 is up

March 10, 2003

  • Issue 2 Page 8 is up

March 3, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 7 is up

February 24, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 6 is up
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February 17, 2003

  • Issue 2 page 5 is up
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Laura: March 17, 2003:

I've had a bit of a rough depressing week, and don't have much to type about anyway. I just want to point out that there are two new banners in the links section with the new name for the comic on them. I'm pretty pleased with them, so hopefully readers will be encouraged to use them. That's all.

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