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Joe: July 8, 2002:

I'm finished moving!!! (Now I just need to unpack everything -_-;;;)

For this week, I think I'll talk about some of my peeves while driving. I think most of these come from me having nothing else to do but think about this stuff while I'm driving long distances.

To get from my house in Massachuestts to Southern New Jersey, where Laura and my Parents are, I have to drive through Conneticut. I had the unfortunate privilage of making this drive the last two weekends (mainly because of my forced vacation, but that's a whole other rant). That place is a nightmare to drive through. It has some of the most poorly planned out roads that I've ever seen. I mean c'mon, the person who came up with the concept of making the left lane an "exit only" lane should be slowly drowned in the spit of a thousand camels.

So, to maybe make driving better for everyone, I offer the following set of considerations:

  • If you're driving on a major multi-lane road, and someone passes you on the right, pull into the right lane at the first possible opportunity. When this happens, it means that your desired travel speed is a little show for some peoples' tastes. It also means that you are probably tying up traffic.
  • If you are not traveling in the right-most lane, you should either be passing someone in the lane to the right of you by at least 5MPH relative speed, or you should be keeping up with a car that is in front of you. The acceptable exception to this is if there is an off-ramp on the left up ahead.
  • If there is a reason for a merge, do so at the first possible opportunity. If you wait until the last possible moment because you want to get a few car-lengths ahead, you will be the cause of the slowness and you should be mamed for being a selfish bastard.
  • If you can see the any types of lights from any other cars when looking out your front windshield, do not turn on your highbeams (unless it is a momentary flash to notify people of something like a cop or that their lights are out). This goes double for people in SUV s. This is one of my biggest peeves. I can't stand highbeams. IMNSHO, if you feel you can't properly on a road with other cars on it without using highbeams, you probably shouldn't be driving at night. You'll probably just be making things worse and more dangerous because you'll be blinding other drivers.

Well, that's my short short-list. I won't bore you with anything more at this time. I'm sorry if I sound mean about this. I'm really not a mean person. I just find the above list to be a set of courtesies that should be common sense. So if people aren't doing the above, they're either not thinking or they just don't care. Both of which are unacceptable.

Hmmmm, well enough of my ranting. Now that I have finally moved, I should have some time to get back to projects like Radical Dreamers. Maybe next week, I'll actually have something relevant to Radical Dreamers to talk about... but until then, "Be Excelent to eachother... and Party On Dudes!".

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June 16, 2002:

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Laura: July 8, 2002:

: p <-----------------Me, being squashed by Joe's traffic rant.

Anyway, I saw three movie this past week: Lilo and Stitch, Men in Black 2, and Minority Report. IMO, the best movie was Minority Report, but the one I enjoyed the most was Lilo and Stitch. It's nice to see Disney getting back some off the stuff that made their earlier movies something special. I had begun to lose hope around Pocahontas and Hunchback. Not that they were bad movies, but something about the nature of the story material they were choosing put me off. But enough about that.

I just didn't have time to rant these last couple weeks, especially with this past holiday weekend (went bay fishing, caught nothing except two throwbacks and a really ugly crab.)But I really want to talk a little about Radical Dreamers. I'm trying a slightly different format this week. The frames are more "intregrated" like what you see in some printed comics. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but hopefully throughout the run of RD, there will be a lot of changes toward an end result that will be really good. Radical Dreamers is an opportunity for me to sort of feel my way through and see what works, artistically. I can't get better without trying. Well, that's all for now. See you next week.

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