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Joe: July 1, 2002:

Whee, I'm on vacation! Well, it's not all by choice (my company is forcing everyone to use up vacation time for the week of July 4th), but I can really use the rest. I'm pretty exhausted after all my moving.

Anyway, I had the chance to see Disney's "Lilo and Stitch" with Laura this weekend. Now, I'm not exactly a big fan of Disney, but I'm not one of those people that see the company as a wretched hive of scum and villany (that's reserved for Microsoft). I really have to give them credit for this movie though. They finally did something I've been wanting them to for ages now. "Lilo and Stich" is the first totally original animated feature made by disney that I can remember. Everything else made by them has been a re-telling of an existing fictional or historical story. For a totally original piece, its awesome. I was thoroughly entertained. I strongly suggest that you go and see it. It really doesn't matter what age you are, it's one of those movies that can be enjoyed on multiple levels.

I guess the reason I really enjoyed the movie was that I could really identify with the characters. Lilo is one of those "non-normative" children that usually gets outcast by her peers, but she shows a lot of creative potential. And Stitch is just a freak, but he's just cool. The entire story centers around the theme of trying to find a place where you fit in. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was a freak/outcast when I was in elementry and high school, so I could see a lot of myself in the characters and the story. Besides that, the movie itself was a blast. It's a very solid original story with quality dialog and gorgeous animation. So what are you waiting for?!?! Go see it!

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July 1

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June 16, 2002:

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Laura: June 23, 2002:

Yes, that's right. Rei's run into pirates who answer to Bruce Springsteen. What do you expect? We're from New Jersey. Anyway, for today, since I have nothing else to talk about, I'd thought I'd offer part two of my bridal shower horror stories. Today's epic: The Ride Home: Revenge of the Spider.

Now again, this tale involves my mom. To fully understand the meaning of this little incident, you have to understand that my mother hates spiders. Most people do really, but my mother lived in Nassau for a while where the spiders are like the size of cabasa melons, big, black, hairy, and prone to stalking unsuspecting American women. At least, that's how she put it. Anyway, so the bridal shower having come to an end, my mom and I are on our way home in her truck. About five minutes into the drive, I hear mum say, "Please tell me that spider is on the outside of the window!" I look past her, and seen an ugly bugger about the size of a nickel clinging to the window. I couldn't tell myself whether the perpetrator was in or out. Normally, I try to be a friend to spiders. I don't like squashing bugs, mostly out of fear I'll be reborn as one. But this summer hasn't been particulary pleasant for me in terms of arachnids. They seem to have a liking for my hair. Anyway, at this point, Mom's in terror, squirming over to my side of truck as far as possible while maintaining of speed of 50 mph. Recalling the story of mom having previously obtained a speeding ticket because of a spider on the windshield (yes, it's true. She claims it was huge), I thought we might be in trouble, so I start saying, "pull over! pull over!" She does, and I leap out of my side of the car. You know, in case it's one of those jumping spiders. Meanwhile, mom's in my seat, leaning far over to flip the offender out of her open window with a piece of paper.

Well, that was a close one. I've been locked in cars with large insects before. It's not pleasant. Again, the point? Watch out for motorists wearing togas.......and spiders. But that's the end of my stories about driving from and to bridal showers. Promise. See you next week.

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