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Joe: December 16, 2002:

"Tis the season?"

I'm a little dismayed, but I'll get to that in a bit... but business first. This is the last page of Issue 1. I've wanted to see how this page would look ever since I wrote it. Personally, I really like the interactions in this page, but you don't have to agree. I welcome comments either in e-mail or in the forum. Next weeks update will be some holiday art (so we can take a bit of a break) and then after that, there will be a week of (hopefully) daily omake comic pages (1 a day for 5 days). Then we'll be starting Issue 2. Since the first issue is done now, It would be a great time for people to start reading. So if you know of people who might be interested, send them our way (hint, hint, nudge, nudge ^_~).

Now for the rantage. I was shopping at a local Wal-mart on Saturday (picking up some final knick-knack gifts for people), and was feeling pretty good. having sucessfully avoided the stress that seems almost ubiquious during the holiday season, shopping was actually enjoyable. I was picking up items that I thought others would enjoy, and everything was good. It was crowded in the store, so I left my cart in between displays out in one of the main aisles so it wouldn't get in the way of people trying to move around and went to go look at something in one of the side aisles. Having selected an item, I went back to the main aisle to put it in my cart only to find my stuff piled up on a display and the cart gone. Now, I've been told by people that this isn't a surprising event, but it's really hard to have faith in the human race after something like that... at least it is for me. It's just a cart, so I just picked up my stuff as best as I could and made my way back to the front of the store to get another one... but what happened to the Christmas spirit? What happened to the season of giving? What happened to "goodwill towards men?" Sure, I'm annoyed that someone took my cart, but what really bothers me is that someone would morally challenged enough to do something like this during a time that should bring out the best from people. Well, I guess if taking a cart makes this person happy, they can have it, since they're missing out on what Christmas is really about.

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December 16

  • Page 30 is up! Which means that Issue 1 is done!

December 9

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December 2

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November 18

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November 11

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November 4

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Laura: Dececmber 16, 2002:

I'm back yet again. Urg, just can't keep up with the ranting.

Well, it turn out that my "malaise" may have been a slight case of bronchitis. It's taken almost a run of three weeks, but I think I may finally be over it. This is the worst time of year for illness, I'm sure most of you will agree. During college, I was sick for three straight Thanksgiving breaks. I'm typically a healthy person, so it seems to me that when I get sick, I really get down with it. Wah. But I know now that at least I'm probably good for a healthy run of at least three months now.

Christmas is only a week and a half away. This month always goes by so fast. I've barely had time to do my Christmas shopping. Granted I don't have to shop for a lot of people, mostly my parents, but darn if they aren't the toughest people to buy for. And like Joe, I'm not particularly fond of the jungle that the outside world becomes during the holidays. My main problem is mostly with the holiday drivers. I've never made obscene gestures at anyone while driving, but sometimes, I sure am tempted. It's a good things I wear mittens when I drive. They make good finger restraints, because at the worst, I suppose people would just think I'm in the holiday spirit, when really I'm telling them I think they're #1. My dream is to get one of those marquee signs and set it up in the back of my car with preprogrammed messages like "See you in Hell, Blinker Boy" or something like that....something like that.

Anyway, it's the last page of Issue 1. You'd think that having watched nearly every episode of Diagnosis Murder, I'd be able to draw hospitals better but no. All that damned equipment. I hope everyone who's stuck with Radical Dreamers has enjoyed it so far. With the new year approaching, I'm hoping to get myself together and really improve the prensentation of our comic to you. I guess we'll see. So for now, have a happy holiday and be safe.

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