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Joe: November 18, 2002:

We've moved!

As of sometime during the middle of last week, the bonsaimechafactory.org domain is now on a new box (with a way better connection to the net). So, if you happened to be holding back on giving us some pluggage, feel free to go nuts now! Also, if you notice any broken links, please either e-mail us or post to the forum. Oh, one more thing... the URL for us is "www.bonsaimechafactory.org/radicaldreamers/". If you're using the old .dhs.org address to reach us, please update and remove the .dhs. The .dhs site will go away soon.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week already. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's all about eating, getting together with friends, eating, taking it easy and of course eating. It's also (as far as I can tell) the least commercial of all the major US holidays... and did I mention eating? I'm planning to take the entire week off and spend it at my parent's place in NJ (I'll be driving there this upcoming Friday after I get out of work). Laura and I are planning to catch the new Harry Potter movie and Treasure Planet sometime during the week too (I can't wait!). I have a feeling this week is going to go by at an excruciatingly slow rate.

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November 18

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  • We've moved to a new server. please use www.bonsaimechafactory.org to access our site.

November 11

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  • Minor update to the characters page.

November 4

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Laura: November 18, 2002:

Well, it's been over six months since we first started Radical Dreamers. It's kind of nice to know that I've been able to stay commited to this project without flinging myself out the window....I wouldn't really fall to my death or anything - My room's not that far from the ground but I suppose the neighbors would stare. Anyway, as Joe mentioned last week, it's not always easy to stick with something, and I know I haven't always had much luck with everything I've done but the time has certainly flown by. I remember when we were getting maybe ten hits a day and that was exciting. Now we're getting over a hundred a day, mostly thanks to the people who've linked to us like F.O.G. Club and Bizarre Uprising (BTW, I know that there are some other comics and sites that have linked to us and I'll be catching up on our links page when I get a chance, but thanks for the support). Anyway, I'm just happy to see that we could come this far. It means theres a good chance to go further from here. Anyway, the end of Issue One is nigh, and after a little holiday celebrating, we'll hopefully be able to kick into full gear with Issue Two.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is upon us and there is going to be eating and time off from work so what is there not to be happy about? We're going to be having a movie fest with all the awesome movies upon us. Joe and I are going to hang out during the week, commit some vandalism, maybe brainstorm some ideas for Radical Dreamers (and he's bringing me a haul from AXNY, hehe).

See you later and stay frosty (I've been watching Aliens - Game over, man, game over!).

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