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Joe: November 11, 2002:

This week makrs the six month mark for Radical Dreamers (and there was much rejoicing). Sometimes it's still hard to believe how far we're going with RD (most of my previous attempts at collaborative projects usually never got very far). It's even harder for me to believe that there are people actually reading it (that's just so cool!). Thanks for reading. I hope Radical Dreamers will keep you coming back for more. Things have actually gotten to the point where I've been looking for better hosting. The move will happen in the next week or so. Everything should be seamless, but if for some reason you have problems accessing things, please e-mail us or post something to the forum.

Next link in the chain of thought is jewelry making and lapidary. I've been doing a lot of research into this for some cultural background for Alchera and the subject has consumed me. There's just so much stuff. It's a really interesting artistic medium to explore. I started talking to Laura about "beading" over the phone to see if she had any experience with it, and she thinks I'm talking about fists and baseball bats (do I come across as a violent person?). Anyway, if any readers have any experience in this area (beading not beating), start a forum thread. Any advice would be great since I'm basically just starting out.

My final random thought for the week is Burger King. Their new "Dollar Menu" is amusing. It's funny to see exactly how many different ways to make a burger. Take their tacos. They're really just burgers... in taco form. I decided to try some stuff out a month or so ago and found that everything that was new on that menu was basically a burger masquerade. The tacos are tortillas that they stick in the deep fryer. The meat is just chopped up burger patties (I could still see the flame broiled stripes on some pieces) and they stick in a slice of cheese (they didn't even bother to shread it) and some lettuce. The same goes for the chili (chopped up burger patties and standard burger toppings... in chili form). I can appreciate the efficiency and the cleaverness of it, but not the taste. At first, I thought it was only the particular BK that I went to, but this weekend, I decided to try a different BK and it was the same. The stuff was edible, but it wasn't exactly worth the trouble of going to a Burger King to get. My favorite fast food place is and probably always will be Taco Bell.

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Laura: November 11, 2002:

I'm sorry about the late update. Orginally it was late because my parents came back from a two week vacation in the Virgin Islands and I had to do some major housecleaning this weekend(I live with them, you know). Anyway, I would've finished at nine o'clock today as originally stated, but Adobe Illustrator got weird on me again. It's done this to me a couple times and since I don't have many other programs with which to do my page wording, I'm kind of stuck without it. So....I restarted my computer. Didn't work. Reinstalled Illustrator. Didn't work. Removed Illustrator and reinstalled it again. Didn't work. Reinstalled an earlier version of Illustrator. That worked so I finished the page and went online to send it to Joe, since he's the one with the access to the server. My e-mail got weird on me. So I restarted the computer again. Then I had to try connecting online about four times since I couldn't get a connection above 28k. My e-mail was still acting up, so I had to send the page via an alternate e-mail address. So that roughly somes up why the page is a day and a half late. And now I want my Mommy.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.....or something like that. I'm kind of fried after that whole mindbending Illustrator affair, but since I vaguely recall saying something about not missing rants two weeks ago, I thought I'd touch on a couple things on the lighter side. One being that I am looking forward to picking up the Extended Lord of the Rings DVD set tomorrow. I held out on the normal version so I could get my hands on this sucker. I really loved that movie. It's the first movie I've seen twice in theaters in a long time, and one that really made me feel like a kid again. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the Two Towers and some more Legolas action...hehe. But to tide me along the way is the next Harry Potter movie which I have also been looking forward to, and Thanksgiving weekend is the release of Treasure Planet, which I'm also excited about, so Disney, don't fail me now. So that's all for this week, kids. Until then stay healthy, and away from vicious computer programs that toy with your emotional stability.

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