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    Joe - 4/12/04       Laura - 3/30/04  

So, I'm writing this as I'm also working at the Anime Boston info desk... so excuse me if it seems a little disjointed. I'm probably being interrupted to answer questions about where the dealers room is, or where the bathrooms are.

The con is going pretty well. The Webcomics panel on Friday wasn't as good as last years IMO, but I think that was because it was on Friday instead of Saturday. It was also after I worked a 5 hour shift, so my voice was already worn out. It wasn't a bad panel, I just felt it lacked the energy that last years had. I'll probably be running it again next year, so I'll have to think about how to make it better. I'm also thinking about running more panels, but I'm not sure what other panels to try and run. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to mail me suggestions.

Cons are usually great experiences, but always tiring. It's going to take me a bit to recover. I'm one of those people who feel drained after dealing with lots of people, especially if they're esseintially strangers. Don't get me wrong, meeting new people is great. I just find it really tiring. It's still a little strange running into people who read the comic. I don't really know why, since we get over 2k unique hits on update days.

Speaking of which, I had a chance to speak with the Conneticon people, and I might end up going there. They seem to be arranging a webcomics track, and with our current monthly hit number, EF may qualify for a free con pass. I'm going to have to e-mail the organizers for more info though, and I'm not totally sure if I'll have time to go.

Sorry this is a bit rushed. I'll hopefully be more with it next week.


Eh, sorry about the later than usual page. I forgot that I was going to a friend's bridal shower this week. 0_o Oh well.

For some strange reason, in the past week or so, a lot of people have asked me about my art process on the comic. I don't know what caused all these questions to emerge at once, maybe some kind of cosmic alignment. But I thought I'd just sort of summarize it here for anyone else who's curious.

Now, up until the Christmas piece I did in 2002, I hand drew all the comics with a 2H pencil on bristol board. For like the first couple pages of the comic, I inked the pencils with a ball point pen, but later decided that it just took too much time, so I cut out that step. Instead, I just cleaned up the art in Photoshop when I scanned it in. Then I would color the comic in Photoshop, save the file and bring it into Illustrator where I would lay out all the type. Then I would bring the image back into Photoshop, tweak it or make any changes or fixes, and save it for the web.

Then, when I got my Wacom tablet and the Painter program a little over a year ago, I basically just started drawing the comic right on the computer. I find it saves some time and let's me create cleaner looking images. I've also started to do some of the coloring in Painter, mostly backgrounds, and then I bring the file into Photoshop and resume from there.

So, I hope that satisfies anyone else who might've been curious. I'm always open to questions about it, so feel free to e-mail me. But I can't give out any almighty art secrets. It's just the same with everyone, practice and hard work.

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