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    Joe - 3/15/04       Laura - 3/15/04  

~ AAAAAH - II - YAAAAA - AAH - AH - II - OH - WA ~


"Mommie! Satoshi Kon broke my brain!"

But first, the news.

Arg! Sometimes the doubt just doesn't end. I've been trying to concentrate more on writing in general lately (well, in the time that I'm not taking hits of mandragora bud off the Taru bong), so I've been looking back at what's been written for the comic... and cringing. While I don't think the story so far is bad (from the traffic reports, it appears that people enjoy it enough to keep coming back), I see a lot of things that I would have done differently. There are also doubts about how some future elements in the storyline will go over, but well, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see about that. Oh well, this comic is partially meant to be a learning exercise anyway. On a somewhat related but tangential note, it doesn't help that one of the latest e-mail trojans I've been getting has a body that reads "you are a bad writer" -_-;;; .

Okay, so if you've seen this new anime series called "Paranoia Agent" you'll understand what I was talking about up top. As with all other Satoshi Kon works, it's really hard to describe what's going on. The best way I can describe it is: Take One part "Perfect Blue" and one part "Boogie Pop Phantom" ; liquify and stir in one cup of fresh squeezed surreal juice; irradiate until golden brown and serve chilled. You might end up with "Paranoia Agent"... or you might get a featherless paisly duck that lays hairy peach flavored kumquats.


DISCO SAUNA! Hehe. If you're a person who thinks their time is to valuable to waste, or you're not one of the easily amused (as I am, obviously) then you're better off not clicking on that link. I might get angry e-mails from people demanding back the five minutes of their life I stole by directing them to that site. But I think it's pretty amusing and the song gets in your head. And it's squirrels! dancing! and dressing like the Village People! I mean, truly, isn't this one of the great things abou the internet? Stuff that has little or no reason behind it's existence. It's just there and it's weird. ^_^

So I've seen three movies in the past couple weeks. Two in theatres, one on DVD, and all of them are all over the spectrum of movie diversity. Of the most notable mention was Bubba-Hotep, Bruce Campbell's latest, and argueably greatest, venture. I didn't think I'd actually be able to see this in theatres. I didn't even know about the film until it had been out for a while. But as luck would have it, I managed to catch the last showing of a six show stint in Philly, and it was great! What could be better than watching Bruce Campbell as Elvis rolling down a hill in an electric wheelchair, headbutting an ancient egyptian mummy in cowboy boots? Nothing, I tell you! If you're a Bruce Campbell fan, or even an Elvis fan, I highly recommend trying to catch this movie. I also borrowed Donnie Darko from a co-worker. I really liked this move as well. The cinematography and music created a completely surreal mood that had me intrigued throughout the entire film. But I think the ending makes me think too hard. And lastly I saw Hidalgo....which I also really liked. Movies like Hidalgo and LotR make me want to take up horse riding again...almost.

Now, back to watching squirrels dance.

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