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    Joe - 9/30/04       Laura - 6/28/04  

Things haven't exactly been running smoothly, but we're pressing on. Although it may seem like bad timing, I'm going to be on vacation all next week (starting Sunday), so there may or may not be an update depending on if I can get net access (the chances don't look good though). It's sort of a working vacation though. I'm going to a week long writing workshop on Martha's Vineyard. It's been a while since I've actually gone on any kind of extended vacation for myself, so I'm really excited.

I'm not really sure why, but after Otakon, things just kinda wound down. The summer was pretty much over. Maybe it was the exhaustion from summer going by so fast. Maybe it was a kind of depression over not really having anything to look forward to in a while. *shrug* Anyway, September ended up being a kind of lethargic month... at least for me.

October looks to be hectic again. After my vacation, I have a wedding to go to... and I'm actually in the wedding party. It should be fun, but since I've never actually done this sort of thing before, I'm a little nervous. In addition, I need to prepare for NaNoWriMo! Yes, it's almost that time again. I strongly recommend it for everyone. It's a lot of fun, and the stress is only as stressful as you want it to be. Wow, it's actually almost the end of the year. It went by way too fast IMHO.


You know what the lame thing about me writing rants is? A whole month goes by, during which I know I have thought several times to myself, "This would make a good rant topic." And now, here I find myself trying to write a rant, and drawing a blank. The most I can think of is to write about how I can't think of anything to write about 0_o

Well, let's see. I will be having my badly needed vacation this week. My first amount of extended time off from work in like a year ;_; I need to see some movies this week. There's a whole bunch of summer movies I've been wanting to see but haven't. And now I have Spiderman 2 to add to the roster. I must see it! It looks kickass. And Bruce Campbell must have another cameo or I will die!

Also, Otakon is coming up. I'm all excited about that. Mainly about the dealer's room. That's what my big love for cons is all about, buying stuff I don't need. There's a LOT of stuff I don't need. Like mangas. Lately it's seems like there's so much manga out there, I've been having a hard time developing more than a passing interest in anyone title. Kind of like what Joe was saying some time ago, I go to a bookstore to look at manga shelf and it's just like, "Whoa." Kind of the same thing with anime. Years ago, so much of the anime I watched was borrowed fansubs and now that it seems like everything is coming to America, I'm a little overwhelmed and finding it hard to focus. But I've been able to pick up a few titles here and there. I've been reading Fruits Basket and Hellsing, both which I think are pretty enjoyable (though I've been holding off on the latest installments so I can get my 20 percent discount at the con. It's hard ;_;). Joe's also been sending me eps of Samurai Champloo since I am on a lame 56k connection, and probably will be for life since I am cheap. The show looks so awesome. I can't wait for it to come to America.

Well, I guess that's it for me this, week. I have to start compiling thoughts for my next far-off (probably) rant so I have something more compelling to write about next time. ; )

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