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    Joe - 6/21/04       Laura - 5/24/04  

Have you ever been somewhere that you feel totally out of place? It's like entering a four-star restaurant wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt you bought from "Hot Topic". People just end up looking at you funny. Some people are indignant. Others laugh at you. If they're polite, they'll try to be discreet. If not, ll openly point.

Well, sometimes I feel that way just by existing. I get the distinct feeling that I am not at all suited for this world. I don't think anyone who knows me considers me to be totally "normal".

Yeah, it feels uncomfortable sometimes, but like the shorts wearing patron of the four-star restaurant, I'm way more comfortable with wearing what I am than I would be if I chose to conform and wear a suit. Now, it gets a little lonely knowing that no one in the restaurant would ever want anything to do with me. However, I can take some solace in that it can be kinda fun messing with the minds of the stiffs in the suit.


Hey hey. I haven't written a rant since late March. Time just seems to fly by.

Unfortunately I've been kind of scatterbrained lately, and it probably won't go away anytime soon. Just so people know, I'm trying to work on my portfolio. I haven't done anything for it since I graduated college which was over two years ago and I'm kind of having a hard time with it. It's just that recently it sort of hit me that I should be doing so much more with my life right now. It seems like the art world is littered with highly talented people years younger than myself who are getting all the jobs that I've always wanted. And here I am, sitting on my butt.......waiting. For what, I'm not even sure, but I'm kind of depressed over not having taken more initiative over the years. I feel like my talents have become a bit stagnant and that I haven't grown enough as an artist over the years. And so I guess I'm just trying to get myself back on my feet so to speak. Right now the two most important things to me are to get my portfolio presentation-ready again and to get my website back up to date before the end of the year (preferably before the end of the fall, but well...). So if I'm MIA these days, it's cause I'm a bit distracted. I wish I had more time for the comic, and I do try to get some extra stuff done once in a while, but right now this is the most important thing to me. My hope is that once I do get this stuff done, I'll be able to go back to devoting more time to Eidolic Fringe and do things like get more covers and art done, and some of the other stuff that I talked about a while ago. But I do promise to keep the comic going on schedule (though the updates are now basically Monday night :| ).

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