Due to Otakon, the next update won't be until Wednesday the 13th. See Below for details

The web-comic resource page mentioned at the Anime Boston Panel is here.
A Forum for "Eidolic Fringe" has been set up HERE !
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Joe: August 4, 2003:


Otakon! Yes! This weekend! (can you tell that I'm excited?). Well, on the Otakon related front... let's see... well, I'm not going to be in costume or anything, but I'm considering bringing this banner like I had at Anime Boston. From looking at the schedule, I'll most likely go to the "Webmanga vs. Webcomics" throw-down... I'm interested in what the established creators have to say on the subject. It is also worth mentioning that because of the con, we're not going able to post an update on Sunday (we'll probably look something like this). But, we will probably be recovered enough to have something done by Wednesday.

Next, I need to appologize to the guys at Closed Caption I misspelled their title in last weeks blog entry. GOMEN ^^;;; !

Well, I guess that's it for now... see 'ya at Otakon!

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August 4, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 3 is up

July 28, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 2 is up

July 21, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 1 is up

July 14, 2003

  • AX badge design for this week.
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Laura: August 4, 2003:

Weekly WebComic Feature

Since I won't be using my rantspace for a few weeks, I thought we should put something else in here each week, instead of one stale rant. So every week, we're going to feature a webcomic that we think is pretty spiffy and that you should most definitely check out.

So this week it's:

A beautifully drawn (and colored) story set in a detailed fantasy world based around rune magic, Konsekai: Swordwaltzer is about Souji, an ex-swordwaltzer (read: bad-ass swordsman). He has since retired, married, started a family and generally found happiness ... but ... happiness like that seldom lasts, especially when something called "The War of the True God" is going on.

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