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    Joe - 11/17/03       Laura 11/10/03  
  After 17 days, I'm sitting at 35,850 words... still going...    

Witness my perfection!

Ok, this web page isn't really perfection. But at least it's up and mostly done. You'll have to pardon us if there's a link or two that doesn't work, but for the most part it should be functional. Most noticeably missing are the character bios. They should be up soon. I got rid of a lot of the empty pages that didn't have anything in them, and hopefully the site is a lot more streamlined and easy to navigate. Also I threw in a gallery :). Hopefully, I'll have the final bits and pieces that are left done by the next update, but I hope you guys like the new site. (See...I wasn't missing for three months for nothing)

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