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Joe: October 27, 2003:

T Minsus One Week

Depending on how things go, these entries from me may get pretty short and or scarce in November. Things are slowly coming together. I've almost finished all the work I need to get done for this comic before I pretty much lock myself up for a month. FYI, the scripts for the rest of issue 3 have been drafted. It took me forever to actually get to the end of the issue. For some reason, I was ambushed and sacked by some massive writers block. I'm really glad it's finally written. I will say that issue 4 is going to be a blast to write. I think getting psyched up for NaNo really helped me get back into writing EF.

I guess one of the things that didn't help with my lull in motivation is some of the stuff related with being a web comic creator. Well, it's my own fault, I guess. Basically, I think I spread myself too thin across too many web comic forums. In the beginning, I was pretty naive. It was probably luck that most of the web comic creators that I met were extremely nice and helpful. My goal was to try and encourage more people get started on their own comics, like those creators did for me. However, as I started getting more involved in the whole "scene", things started getting a little... ugly. I really won't go into it... it would only make things worse. Before I knew it, I was spending more time debating on forums than I was working on my creative projects... and the debates were just stressing me out. At this point, I'm pretty fed up with the "politics" of web comics. For me, working on the comic has always been about creating a work of art, getting experience and improving my skills. If other people want to do it mainly for other purposes like fame or fortune, more power to them, but I don't have the time, energy or inclination to be involved. So, you will excuse me as I retreat into my shell for a month or so and concentrate on things that are really important to me.

Finally, since Laura is using her rant space again, I thought it would only be fair to give the last featured web comic it's full 2 weeks. So, go check out:


The City of Sterling... Seems like your typical city... But somethings going on. What that is exactly is a mystery to me so far, but something's definately going on. Go check it out.

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October 27, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 15 is up

October 20, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 14 is up

October 13, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 13 is up

October 6, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 12 is up

September 29, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 11 is up

September 22, 2003

  • Issue 3 Page 10 is up

September 16, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 9 is up
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Laura: October 27, 2003:

The rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Well actually, I guess there weren't any rumours, but it's been about three months since my last rant. My days of non-ranting have finally come to an end though. I decided that I would come back when I finally finished the new Eidolic Fringe web page design, and next week myth becomes reality. I only wanted to announce that next week the next page layout will be up. I worked hard on it so I hope everyone likes it. Next week, I'll be back to full rantage, especially since a lot of Joe's time will probably be taken up with NaNoWriMo(?). So until then, I look forward to seeing the brand new face of the EF site.

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