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Joe: July 21, 2003:

Happy Birthday Laura!

Yup, it's this Tuesday (the 22nd), so let's all wish her Happy Birthday!

Sorry for the late update. One of the things that has been consuming my time is my preparation for a benefit concert on the 21st. Joe Bowen, a good friend of mine since high school recently found out he had cancer. So, a benefit was organized, and Arhanta, a group which I've been playing gigs with on and off since high school, is one of the three bands to perform. That's the main reason the update was so late.

Otakon, Otakon, Otakon.... I can't wait until Otakon! Since I didn't really have time to take any major vacations this summer besides the occasional weekend trip back to NJ to visit my parents and Laura, Otakon is sorta my big summer event. It should be a great time. I guess it's time to start up an Otakon thread on the forum and see who's going.

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July 21, 2003

  • Issue 3, Page 1 is up

July 14, 2003

  • AX badge design for this week.

July 12, 2003

  • Issue 2 Omake page 5 is up

July 10, 2003

  • Issue 2 Omake page 4 is up
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Laura: July 21, 2003:

Weekly WebComic Feature

Since I won't be using my rantspace for a few weeks, I thought we should put something else in here each week, instead of one stale rant. So every week, we're going to feature a webcomic that we think is pretty spiffy and that you should most definitely check out.

So this week it's:

Have you ever wished you could see the future? Well, maybe it's really not all it's cracked up to be, as Dominic Deegan will tell you after a hard day of dealing with some of the local idiotic clientele. Having a good mix of drama and humor, this comic deserves attention.

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