Eidolic Fringe

So, the last step is getting the details like climate for different regions down. I am no expert in this, but preliminary research will show how basic ocean currents and winds will interact and cause various climates in regions. For example, the Coriolis Effect dictates things like wind currents, which in turn dictates the flow of moisture from the oceans into the land. Large mountain ranges can disrupt this flow creating arid deserts. Really, what ends up dictating a lot of things about the world are the wind and the water.

So, there you have it. The rough process of how Alchera came into being.

Some other random details... The mountain range on the Eastern island is known to many as the "Tacoran Citidel Wall". It is where many of the Tacoran on Alchera dwell. The Three large islands between the western tips of the northern continent and the eastern continent are the main trading hubs of Alchera. The Story so far has taken place to the north of the western continent.

Well, that's it. Thanks for putting up with the filler. There will be one final filler update on Sunday night, then the comic should resume the Sunday after Valentine's day.

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Okay, I want to see if anyone actually does this.

If you play FF:XI and are on Midgardsormr, search out a Taru by the name of "Bonsaihinoki"

Go up to him and "/em makes the secret bonsai sign" and send a tell with the secret phrase of the month "Finge Benefits", I'll take your character name down and send you something random from what I have.

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Arg! The virus spam has been getting really out of hand. I think I've at least read every e-mail we've got. I really want to write back to everyone individually. However, I have been pretty swamped with stuff lately and I haven't really been in much of a mood to write e-mails. I'm sorry. The feedback is always appreciated though.

As you can see, this weeks filler will be some bacground on how the world of Alchera came into being. I hope you guys enjoy it. Four parts are planned, and they should go up daily. Then, there will be another informational update on Sunday, then the Sunday/Monday after that we'll start off Issue 4. Thanks for being patient with us.


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