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4-1-2005: And they lived happily ever after!

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    Joe - 4/1/05       Laura - 10/14/04  

I think it's time to move on to another project that I've been wanting to do for a while now... a Star Trek Enterprise, Babylon 5 slash crossover comic using lego mini-figs and Atari 2600 sprites.


Wow, sorry for being MIA these past couple weeks (past couple months if you include my rants). I'm feeling kind of worn out lately. Not like a physical exhaustion, because really I haven't been doing anything. I guess it's more like a major slump or a rut. But today, I'm writing the rant to end all rants....or more precisely, this will most likely be my last rant for the comic in it's current form. If you've read Joe's rant, you know that we're changing Eidolic Fringe. This was mainly prompted by me, because lately, I'm just not feeling it :( I hate to say it, but lately I sort of don't want to work on the comic. That's not to say I want to quit, because I have an emotional investment in the story and characters and as of now I'm determined to see it through to the end. But as things stand, I'm really dragging my feet these days. Working on the comic the way I do has become something of a burden. I kind of feel like I'm always beating myself up over it, and when I thought about how much longer I could last like this, the answer was "not much longer". So I decided on a change and that was the removal of the deadline, meaning basically that the comic will be updated whenever I feel like it. One the one hand, I feel badly because I worry that this jerks around the people who enjoy the comic, but I think that this is also best for the comic and myself. Since the end of the current issue could be considered an end to an arc if you will, I felt this was also a good point to take a good look at the comic and really think about how to evolve it and make it more of what I always wanted it to be. I want Eidolic Fringe to transform and grow up a little, and hopefully come the next issue, it will show. So I am sorry if this disapoints people, but I'm glad that comic is going from a weekly web site, to a project I'm doing for my own enjoyment again. And if other people continue to enjoy it along the way, that's just a plus. ^_^

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