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Joe: January 20, 2003:

"Everything's under control... Situation normal..."

Well, we're getting back to Radical Dreamers with page 1 of issue 2. I guess we'll do a cover for Issue 2 eventually, but to delay more pages another week wouldn't seem fair. We seem to have gotten more readers lately, but we haven't heard anything from anyone. I think we've gotten maybe 2 emails in the past month and maybe 2 forum posts. Well, I guess it really doesn't matter as long as there are people out there who are reading and enjoying this.

Second order of business is pluggage... sorta... Zipperhead from the #rocketbox IRC channel on aniverse has been bugging me to link his comic www.badmooncomic.com. It got me thinking that it would be cool if we had the power to slashdot people by just mentioning it. I think the only webcomics I know about that could do that would be Megatokyo and Penny Arcade. There are probably others out there, but I can't really think of them at the moment. Well, I guess even they can't slashdot all sites... but still... that kinda power would be cool. As for being on the receiving end, I think we can handle a fair amount of traffic now... and I'm sorta curious as to exactly how much of a beating we can take. Our readership seems to be growing slowly but steadily, so I guess we'll find out eventually.

Final item of note, the sequel to "Sekai no Monsou", or "Crest of the Stars" in English, is out. OMG, 5 eps is not enough. I can't wait to see more. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I got to see Hiroyuki Morioka (the writer of the novels that the animes were based on) at Otakon last year. That man is a genious. The depth of the world that he created, and the rich culture of the Abh is absolutely amazing. It's definately been very influential to me. I only wish I could read Morioka san's original novels, but it would probably take about 5 years of intense study of the Japanese language before I could do that. It would be great if some publisher would translate it into English, I'm sure people would buy it. Well until then (probably right after the lawyers start to put on coats in the underworld) I guess I'll have to make due with the animes. Oh, BTW, if you do decide to watch it (like I'm telling you to!) don't watch the dubbed version. It's so badly done. Well, it was in "Crest of the Stars". I haven't had the stomach to watch the dub of the sequel "Sekai no Senki" or "Banner of the Stars" yet (and for those of you who get it, I think Tech TV showed the first series recently). And, I'd like to close with this thought... Admiral Spoor Rocks!

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January 20, 2003

  • Issue 2 is under way with Page 1!

January 18, 2003

  • Last page of the Omake is up (sorry for the delay). Issue 2 page 1 should be up for Monday.

January 16, 2003

  • Omake page 4 is up (sorry for the delay)

January 14, 2003

  • Omake page 3 is up. Page 4 should be up tomorrow!

January 13, 2003

  • Omake page 2 is up. Page 3 should be up tomorrow!

January 6

  • issue 1 omake page 1 is up. Since Laura isn't feeling well, the next 4 pages will be up next week (instead of the rest of this week)
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Laura: January 14, 2003:

Ahh, so this week, I feel much, much better. I'm still coughing up and snuffling out quite a bit of nastiness but that's enough of that. I probably had the flu or something, but now I feel pretty good, so it's back to business.

So this week is my omake that I wrote. Originally it was supposed to be five pages, one for each weekday, but since I was ill last week, the first page went up last Monday and the other four will be posted this week. The second page is up today, as you can see, and the next three will be up each day until Thursday. I went and gave my Wacom tablet an official test drive by rendering the omake in Painter and Photoshop. I rather like it, but it still takes some adjusting to. Nevertheless, it makes my life a little easier.

Well, anyway, I hope you all find my little "fun" project entertaining. The last page will be a bit of a whopper that Joe came up with, which was sort of my way of getting him to agree to let me poke a little bit of fun at him (and here I bet you thought he just had a really good sense of humor :P). It should be...interesting. And then of course, next week we get back on track with the beginning of Issue Two (finally!). So enjoy.

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