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Joe: October 21, 2002:

So, I thought I would try to write this weeks rant in the second person, but that really wouldn't work. It would be kinda like me having a conversation to myself and having the reader eavesdrop. While that works great when I talk to the other voices in my head, it doesn't really work for the RD rants... so, on with the show.

Whee, we broke 100 hits per day last Monday! I guess there really are people out there reading Radical Dreamers... "and everybody said YATTA"!

Ok something a little more down to earth (but still fairly non sequitur). I found this website on the net recently, freesolopiano.com . Why do I find this site interesting enough to mention here? Well, first of all, they offer free download of full high quality mp3s (legally). Secondly, it's a site that encourages and supports independant artists (which I can definately relate to). Finally, some of the pieces featured on that site have inspired some ideas for Radical Dreamers. Ok, I'm going to go in to a real rant now, so hold on to your keyboards. For me Inspiration is more valuable to me than the purist platinum or clearest diamond. It's like a drug to me (yes, I do get high off of it, and I'm constantly looking for my next hit). So, for people who are able to provide me with inspiration, I can't thank them enough (unless you try to take advantage of it, in which case you are pure evil... *cough*RobertJordan*cough*). So, go check out the site and support them if you like what you find.

Now for some real wackiness. I had a dream this week that was really out there. I don't remember too much about it, except that the world ended. Is it a bad thing when that happens?

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Laura: October 14, 2002:

Heh, did you notice that all the random search subjects that were leading people to the RD site were subjects of my rants? Kya ha. I'm so interesting.

Anyway, Joe's a freak. It's ok though, I am too. And I guess I can't blame him. I was very tempted to write a rant entirely in pirate speak for Speak Like a Pirate Day in September. Unforantely the rant would''ve consisted mostly of arr's and scurvy's because that's the only pirate slang I know. There probably would've been a lot of swear words too, but that's no good.

Anyway, it's October! Probably my most favorite month of the year. It's starts to cool down but doesn't get too cold (I hate cold weather!) and of course there's Halloween. It's the only time of the years I get to put fake tombstones in the front yard and frighten small children without getting chased by angry parents. But I think what I like most is the atmosphere that accumulates as Halloween approaches. When I was little, it was all about the candy (and a large part of it still is!) but now that I'm older, I sort of view it as a celebration of darkness. I'm not a creep or anything, but I like gothic romanticism. I can't quite put it into words, but during the month of October I feel it in the air. It's like looking at the full moon on a cool clear night when the air's so still you can hear silence.

Hehe, I'm so poetic. Anyway, I also sort of appreciate the other more commercial aspects of Halloween too. I want to carve myself some pumpkins. Being an artist, I sort of look at it as a challenge of a different medium. I also want to learn to sew so I can make myself a costume. As it is, I made Hinoki a costume. He's all into Halloween too. We've even got a costume planned for next year. He's going as Deathscythe Hell. :)

That's all for now. See you next week. Mwa ha ha haaaaaa(cough)aaa(splutter)....hack!

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