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Joe: January 13, 2003:

There has to be some benefits to being a stick figure...

Heh... well, while Laura has her fun for the week, I guess I'll just rant. First of all though, there is some business to take care of. We got linked from Stubble this past. For all the new readers, welcome to Radical Dreamers. I hope you enjoy it. I would like to point out that the preferred URL is http://www.bonsaimechafactory.org/radicaldreamers (notice there is no .dhs in there). The server pointed to by the .dhs address currently mirrors the main site, but it's slower and is mainly used for testing purposes... it will also be going away at some point. So, please update your links.

So, it's my turn to be sick now... I cought this stomach virus thing on Friday and it completely floored me. I've just started to eat again and it's not really solid food yet. Oh well, It looks like whatever it was, it's leaving just as quicky as it came. I just want to be able to eat again.

To end this on a high note, I'd like to point out that Cartoon Network is now showing "The Pirates of Dark Water" on Sunday mornings at 4AM (EST). If you've never seen this series before I highly suggest that you either stay up and watch it, get up early and watch it, or set your VCRs to tape it and watch it at some other more godly hour.

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January 13, 2003

  • Omake page 2 is up. Page 3 should be up tomorrow!

January 6

  • issue 1 omake page 1 is up. Since Laura isn't feeling well, the next 4 pages will be up next week (instead of the rest of this week)

December 16

  • Page 30 is up! Which means that Issue 1 is done!

December 9

  • Page 29 is up

December 2

  • Our e-mail has changed too. Please use artists@bonsaimechafactory.org to e-mail us.
  • Page 28 is up

November 18

  • Page 27 is up
  • We've moved to a new server. please use www.bonsaimechafactory.org to access our site.

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Laura: January 6, 2003:

Hack. I am sick. It is bad. I am dying. Ok, I am not dying, but it feels like it

Wheez. I just can't catch a break. Oh well, at least I can look forward to how great I'll feel when I get better. Anyway, Happy New Year. I hope everyone had fun. My resolution for this year to lose twenty pounds by Otakon. It was the same resolution that I had last year but I think I officially filched on it right after Easter when all the candy went on sale. Anyway I'm going to try applying a little more discipline this time. I have a plan and I kind of know where I went wrong on the last one (too many carbs, man), so here's hoping. I still have a dream of bench pressing puny men at the gym and flexing my many awesome muscles at people.

So here's the start of my little omake that I've written. I hope you enjoy it. It was supposed to start this week, but as I previously stated, I am dying of the flu or something and I suck, so it will start next week. I hope the stick figures aren't to much of a disappointment for everyone. It will probably seem more amusing next week.

Cough. Well, that's all for now. My nose has closed up on me so my air supply is being restricted. See you next week.

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