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December 30, 2002: UPDATE!!!!

Well, the holidays are over, and we're tired. Sorry to do this to our readers, but we're taking a week off. It looks like readership dropped a little for the holidays anyway, and after finishing issue 1, it seems like an appropriate place to take a short rest. Also, since I'm at my parents house for the holidays, Laura and I actually have the chance to hang out, and it would be really nice if we didn't have to worry about RD updates. So, the new plan is to start back up January 5th and put up the 5 part omake that week (one per day). Then we'll start on issue 2 the week after. Rest assured that we're not going away... we're just taking a breather. Personally, it's still hard to believe how far RD has come. 30 pages, 15k+ hits and around 100+ unique visitors per day (and we haven't even hit the 1 year mark yet)! Thanks everyone!

Anyway, to tide you over until the 5th, check out Rocketbox Comics. It's a community for web comic creators. You can find links to other quality comics on their forums. If you can't choose one, check out Partricle Sphere (Thanks for the link Will). Well, until 2003, have a happy and safe new years.

December 24, 2002:

The holidays are upon us!

I still like Thanksgiving more, but there's something about this time of year that makes it special. The commercialism is annoying, but I think I've learned to ignore it reasonably well (it gets difficult when other people do nasty things like stealing shopping carts). What I have a problem understanding is why there are so many annoyed people around this time of year. If people are so stressed by these times, why celebrate them at all?

Anyway, enjoy the Radical Dreamers 2002 Christmas Special. I hope it brings some holiday cheer (or at least a laugh or two). And in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to eachother and party on dudes!"

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December 30

  • taking a break this week. Will be back with the 5 part end of issue 1 omake next week.

December 24

  • Christmas special is up! (happy holidays!)

December 16

  • Page 30 is up! Which means that Issue 1 is done!

December 9

  • Page 29 is up

December 2

  • Our e-mail has changed too. Please use artists@bonsaimechafactory.org to e-mail us.
  • Page 28 is up

November 18

  • Page 27 is up
  • We've moved to a new server. please use www.bonsaimechafactory.org to access our site.

November 11

  • Page 26 is up
  • Minor update to the characters page.

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Laura: Dececmber 30, 2002:

I hope you enjoyed the holidays.

As for me, I'm dying. DYING. Well, maybe that's being a little melodramatic, but for a while that's how I felt. December is murder I tell you. All that shopping, and shopping and more shopping. Urk, I'm so tired and I haven't gotten much sleep. Fortunately, the brunt of the holidays is over, and I can relax. At least that's the plan.

So I must ask your pardon {bows and asks for forgiveness} because I really need this week off. The original plan was to do my omake this week, but like I said I'm SO tired, very unorganized at the moment, and Joe's here for the week so I'd like some time to just hang out. The Christmas omake was supposed to be easier than a normal update but it ended up being harder and late (sorry again) but I wanted it to be good. I am quite happy with the results so I hope you'll enjoy it until we get back on schedule next week. I'm am going to be doing my little five-part omake next week, and since I got my Wacom tablet (yay!) I'm going to try working on it with that so the end result should be interesting.

So, have a Happy New Years and see you next week. {keels over}

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